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Review of the Audio Drama 'The Katniss Chronicles'

Review of the Audio Drama ‘The Katniss Chronicles’

1 Comment February 2, 2012 by Filed Under: The Katniss Chronicles

 the katniss chronicles    Review of the Audio Drama The Katniss Chronicles   katnisschronicles“The Katniss Chronicles” is an unauthorized 17-episode audio drama based on our favorite dystopian series. According to the website, they are producing Part 1 at this time, which leads me to assume they are going to dramatize “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” as well.

I have listened to eight episodes and so far I’m really impressed by this series! For those who have never listened to a dramatized audiobook, this is about as close to the movie as we are going to get before March 23rd. This isn’t just someone reading straight from the book using different voices for different characters. These are actual actors and actresses playing the various parts in the book. You can hear the emotions in their voices, even some of their actions too! (SPOILER ALERT!) In one episode, you could actually hear the glass break when Katniss pushed Peeta into a vase after he announced his love for her during an interview. However, as this series is purely acoustic, some narration is required to explain the things we can’t see.

That’s another plus about this audio drama series! Not only do we get to hear Katniss speak, but we get to hear her thoughts as well, which was her main mode of expression in the books. Speaking of, one thing I love about these episodes is that Katniss has a southern accent. It really does set her, and the other Seam people of District 12, apart from the rest of Panem. Don’t judge it before you hear it, because I think it really fits her!

Another reason the “Katniss Chronicles” are worth a listen is the way they portray citizens of the Capitol. The actors and actresses of this audio drama were trained by a dialect coach to replicate the exact accent described in “The Hunger Games” series. Every time they speak, they sound bubbly and carefree and utterly shallow. These guys couldn’t get any more ridiculous! I find myself shaking my head when I hear them talk and laugh about the Games as if they’re no more cruel and arduous than a picnic on a sunny day. But the scary thing is, I have heard people today who sound EXACTLY like them! Maybe Panem is closer to us than we might think….spooky.


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