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Hunger Games Trailer

If Gary Ross Didn’t Direct Hunger Games It Might Look Like This

9 Comments September 6, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Trailer

Director Kevin Tancharoen submitted this proposal for his vision of Panem in the leadup to the choice of director Gary Ross. I’m glad they went with Gary Ross, but it’s an interesting look at another way to portray the book on-screen.

Peter: It seems like a lot of upcoming directors are now putting together these video reels for their studio pitches. When did this start, and when did you discover this practice?

Kevin: The idea of a “pitch reel” has been around for awhile and is very common practice for any director. Trying to pitch a vision to a room full of people is always very difficult verbally. In the past two years, the pitch reel has significantly become more demanding since technology allows for people to make mini movies in their own homes. It’s almost expected for a director to show some visual materials, but the need to impress has become elevated. At first, it was just some concept art, some storyboards and possibly a treatment. Then the rip-o-matic (a visual reel using clips from other movies to portray a visual style) became really popular. I even know some directors who do a full animatic at their expense just to take into a meeting.



New Safe & Sound Hunger Games DVD/Blu-Ray Commercial

Are you excited for the August 18th release of The Hunger Games on DVD and Blu-Ray? Check out this brand new commercial for its release featuring Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound” from the soundtrack alongside some clips from the movie.

Hunger Games DVD Cover

Hunger Games Behind-the-Scenes Trailer for DVD & Blu-Ray

This official new trailer for The Hunger Games DVD & Blu-Ray shows off what’s in store for the three hours of additional material included on the August 18th release.

You can pre-order the Blu-Ray and the DVD now.


New Hunger Games Commercial: “Movie Sensation”

There’s a brand new TV spot out today with scenes like the cave kiss and Caesar Flickerman with Claudius Templesmith.  ”I love that!”


New Hunger Games TV Spot: “Four Weeks”

6 Comments April 18, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Trailer, Hunger Games TV

The Hunger Games has dominated the box office since its release, and a new commercial is out today to spotlight its success. How many times have you seen it?


Hunger Games is “Irresistible,” How Many Times Have You Watched It?

A new commercial for The Hunger Games is out! How many times have you seen the movie so far?



The Hunger Games: “#1 Movie in the World” Commercial

Stunning new TV spot for The Hunger Games, presented by Liam Hemsworth.


‘The Hunger Games’ Ultimate Hope Trailer!

20 Comments March 21, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for The Hunger Games! The Ultimate Hope Trailer!



New Hunger Games Trailer: “Countdown Event”

38 Comments March 16, 2012 by Filed Under: Featured, Hunger Games Trailer

Here’s a new Hunger Games trailer that expands on the original countdown trailer, with a couple amazing new scenes!


New Video Clip: President Snow Talks to Seneca Crane about ‘Hope’

Here is another great clip from the Hunger Games of President Snow talking to Seneca Crane on how dangerous hope can be in ‘the games’. Donald Sutherland and Wes Bentley are amazing!!

[Source: IGN]

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