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The Capitol is Now Reaping Ages Three and Up

3 Comments October 12, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion

 hunger games fashion    The Capitol is Now Reaping Ages Three and Up   hunger games dolce gabbana

Just so you know how it works:

  1. The moms see the clothes in Hollywood paparazzi photos and reality shows.
  2. They buy the luxury goods for their kids in Manhattan.
  3. They dress up the kids Toddlers & Tiaras style.
  4. The kids become moms and reality starlets.

[They're a Walking Billboard of You]

Makeup Artist Ve Neill Discusses Effie, Peeta's Camouflage and 'Catching Fire'

Makeup Artist Ve Neill Discusses Effie, Peeta’s Camouflage and ‘Catching Fire’

4 Comments April 20, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion, Ve Neill

 ve neill hunger games fashion    Makeup Artist Ve Neill Discusses Effie, Peetas Camouflage and Catching Fire   veneillThe aspect of the “Hunger Games” Movie that is most consistently praised is the Capitol, its citizens, and how disturbingly outrageous they looked. The woman partially responsible for that success is makeup artist Ve Neill. From the vibrant, profligate Capitol eyelashes and lip color to the drab, emaciated looks of the District residents, Neill had her work cut out for her and little time to accomplish it.

“I had two weeks prep on the movie, and we started in the woods,” she told “I can sit and draw all the pictures in the world, and until you see it on somebody, you’re never really going to know what it looks like. Basically, we did it within a week. We attached the week before we started working there.”

Ve Neill’s most difficult and ostentatious creation was arguably the Effie Trinket ensemble, which required much creative contemplation.

“She has to go out to the districts, so she can’t be totally outrageous. She has to be attractive in her grotesqueness. I really wanted to give her a soft, but off look. You have to take into consideration that her clothes are really flamboyant, and if you put garish makeup on her, she’ll look like a clown.”

Spotted: Nuttapong Seatbelt Chairs in "Hunger Games"

Spotted: Nuttapong Seatbelt Chairs in “Hunger Games”

9 Comments April 2, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion

 hunger games fashion    Spotted: Nuttapong Seatbelt Chairs in Hunger Games   nuttapong seat belt chairs hunger games 600x411

The fantastic Capitol chairs seen in The Hunger Games are by Thai designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn, and the odd form is constructed by webbing seat belt material around a wooden and metal frame.

Check out the whole seating collection at Phillips.

[thanks @PxlLvr]

Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence's Hair and Makeup at the LA Premiere

Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair and Makeup at the LA Premiere

3 Comments March 20, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion, Jennifer Lawrence

Did you love how Jennifer Lawrence looked at last weeks LA Premiere of The Hunger Games and wish you could replicate it yourself? If so, you’re in luck because the stylists have shared their secrets of Jennifer’s smokey eyes and gold interlaced hair. Check out a few exerts from the articles below.

 jennifer lawrence hunger games fashion    Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrences Hair and Makeup at the LA Premiere   jennifer lawrences HG premiere hair

For the makeup by makeup artist Jillian Dempsey:

Jennifer likes to be daring with her look. She’s not afraid to really wear makeup,” said Jillian. For Jennifer’s bold and glamorous look, Jillian put the focus on Jennifer’s eyes by lining them with a deep black liner and then layering a gold eyeshadow on the actress’s lids. Using a featherbrush, Jillian blended the edges of the liner with the gold shadow. Merging the two textures and colors helped create a multidimensional effect that appeared as a sparkling black.   (Find the rest of the steps here )

For the hair by Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend

  1. Start by applying a large dollop of Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse to damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush.
  2. Next, take 3-inch sections of hair and spray Dove Style+Care Thermal Replenishment Spray on the hair before wrapping it around a 1-inch curling iron.    (Find the rest of the steps here )

[Sources: US Weekly, SheKnows]

'InStyle's' Katniss-Inspired Looks for Spring

‘InStyle’s’ Katniss-Inspired Looks for Spring

11 Comments March 5, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion
 hunger games fashion    InStyles Katniss Inspired Looks for Spring   InStyle Yellow Dress

Closing Ceremonies "Venia helps me into a pair of flat leather sandals and I turn to the mirror. I am still the 'girl on fire.' The sheer fabric softly glows. Even the slightest movement in the air sends a ripple up my body. By comparison, the chariot costume seems garish, the interview dress too contrived. In this dress, I give the illusion of wearing candlelight."

The folks over at InStyle found hot fashion looks for spring that seem to fit extremely well for what was described for Katniss in the books. Take a look at these great pieces, alongside the description from the book, and tell us what you think. Are they a match? Are you finding yourself inspired to buy pieces resembling what Katniss wore in The Hunger Games?

See the Behind-the-Scenes Capitol Hair Styles Plus Interview!

See the Behind-the-Scenes Capitol Hair Styles Plus Interview!

2 Comments February 6, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion

 hunger games fashion    See the Behind the Scenes Capitol Hair Styles Plus Interview!   Hunger Games Hair Joico 1 600x401La Confidential Magazine has a new interview with Joico colorist Cherry Petenbrink, the hair stylist for The Hunger Games film, in which they talk about how specific Gary Ross was in directing the hair styling, how reading the books beforehand made a huge difference, and who their favorite character was to style. Joico also has several behind-the-scenes pictures on their Facebook page of the wigs! Which leads me to ask do you want to restyle your hair now? Maybe some blue highlights?

How specific was the hair direction on set?

CHERRY PETENBRINK: The director [Gary Ross] was very specific on the lead color makeovers. Josh Hutcherson’s hair is naturally very dark and we had to dye it an exact shade of sandy ash blonde. Jennifer Lawrence is a natural ash blonde with highlights but played a brunette. Thousands of dollars were spent just renting wigs.

How did the books help you develop the hair concepts?

CP: Reading the books several months before the project started was a huge asset. I had a pretty clear vision of each character in my mind. The end result was dead on to my original ideas of how the characters would look when brought to life.

Which character was your favorite to work on?

CP: I have to say coloring Effie’s [Elizabeth Banks] wigs and hearing the words “it’s perfect,” was awesome. Creating pastel shades of pink, lavender and chartreuse [and] combining human hair and synthetic hair that had to match perfectly was an amazing challenge.

See many more behind-the-scenes pictures on Joico’s Facebook. Thank you to the fans who sent this tip in to us!

[LA Confidential Magazine]

Cinna Necklace

Why is Cinna Wearing a Mold Necklace?

34 Comments January 29, 2012 by Filed Under: Cinna, Hunger Games Fashion

 hunger games fashion cinna    Why is Cinna Wearing a Mold Necklace?   cinna necklaceWhat the heck is on Cinna’s necklace? Maybe:

  • Locket of extinct plant life
  • Extremely fashionable spore colony
  • DNA sample of bioengineered heels
  • Gel air freshener way past its expiration date
  • Teeny tiny terrarium

What do you think it is?


Get Katniss's Opening Ceremony Makeup Look

Get Katniss’s Opening Ceremony Makeup Look

4 Comments January 27, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion, Ve Neill

Allure has gotten the scoop on how Ve Neill, makeup artist for the Hunger Games movie, created the below look for Katniss for the opening ceremony.

 ve neill hunger games fashion    Get Katnisss Opening Ceremony Makeup Look   KatnissChariot

Eyes: Neill used M.A.C. Eyeshadow in Orange to create the flare in the outer corners before lining her eyes in black cream liner. She added Urban Decay False Lashes in Lure for extra intensity. “The more makeup you put on a beautiful woman, the more exotic and mature she looks,” said Neill. “We wanted to keep her looking really youthful.”

Cheeks: Neill drew attention to her “beautiful, heart-shaped face” by highlighting her cheekbones with M.A.C. Lustre Drops in Sunrush (a liquid gold highlighter).

Lips: Those lips (which spend the last half of the Games kissing Peeta) were amped up with L’Oréal Infallible Lipgloss in Fiery (a bronzey pink). “We wanted it to be clean, crisp beauty with touches of color,” Neill said.

In The Hunger Games, Katniss describes her face for the ceremonies as “relatively clear of make up, just a bit of highlighting here and there”.  How do you like the makeup? Do you think that Neill’s interpretation matches the book?

You can read the full article from Allure here

[Source: Allure]

Fashionable 'Hunger Games' Fan Art

Fashionable ‘Hunger Games’ Fan Art

7 Comments January 26, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Art, Hunger Games Fashion

With CapitolCouture.PN going live, the fashions from the The Hunger Games have come into the lime light. We’ve gotten tips from The Capitol on how to ‘look your best’ and a few peaks of Cinna’s designs, but now here are some renditions of how the fans imagine Katniss’s interview outfits. I really like how these artist interpret ideas like ‘girl on fire’, ‘wearing candlelight’ and ‘radiant as the sun’.  Which piece of fan art outfit do you like the best?

 hunger games fashion hunger games art    Fashionable Hunger Games Fan Art   katniss everdeen the girl on fire by patsie 300x426

As a note, while it’s not seen until Catching Fire, I included Katniss’s wedding/mockingjay dress since it still deals with fashion.

[Source: DeviantArt Artists Patsie, MartAiConan, AlexandraVent, La-Chapeliere-Folle]

Capitol Couture Introduced

Capitol Couture Introduced

10 Comments January 11, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fashion, Hunger Games News

On January 9th @TheCapitolPN Twitter feed gave hints that led to the url of a new site called, but it was password protected. Today it was revealed by the District Recruiters that the password for the site is #lookyourbest . It’s not case sensitive, but you do need the hash mark (#). When you log in you see the below home page, which has another eerily beautiful picture of Elizabeth Banks as Effie.

 hunger games news hunger games fashion    Capitol Couture Introduced   CapitolCoutureHomePage 600x460

To be notified when issue #1 launches you can add your email on the homepage.  The page mentions that Capitol Couture “is the place to turn for all the tips, tricks and trends you need to look your best”.  I’m hoping this means we’ll get to see some of Cinna’s outfits, or how Effie does her over the top make-up. What do you think The Capitol plans to reveal?

[Source: @TheCapitolPN and District Recruiter Twitter Feeds]

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