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Showdown: Peeta v Gale

118 Comments February 6, 2012 by Filed Under: Gale Hawthorne, Peeta Mellark

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Which Hunger Games hunk do you like the most: Peeta or Gale?

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  • peetasfavfan <3

    and peeta wins by the long shot!!!!! :P

  • Peeta’s #1 Fan

    Go Peeta go Peeta.

  • Khya101

    O please do not turn this into a competition between them i mean they are both really REALLY hot but still

    • Loves The Boy With The Bread

      You tell them! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I don’t want this to become obsessive Teams like Twilight… 

      ^The sad part of that statement in it’s entirety is… I’m Twilight fan. 

  • Hungergamesalltheway


  • Valerie

    To me it was always so clear she would be with Peeta in the first book… Then about halfway through the second I began to tought only a little.. But then I talked to my friend who had read the 3 books, and she told me she was for Katniss/Gale.. And I was shocked! To me it was sooo clear that THE romance in the book was with Peeta.. At that point I began to doubt it.. Maybe the books would change angles and she would end up with Gale and that’s why my friend was for them… Anyway :P I won’t say anything else, it just really played with my mind after that moment haha! 

  • TeamKatniss

    Look guys, even though the majority go for peeta (probably cuz y’all read the books) y’all have to realize that if you haven read the books, and judging by these two pictures, who would you really go for- pretending that you haven’t read the books. My impression looking at these pictures and pretending not to have read the books, I chose gale…

    • Valerie

       I thought it was between the character’s, not the actor’s looks… I guess Gale does look better in those pictures :P And I really hate saying that XD

    • Klaudiafig

      I do to. I dont judge by the poc cuz i read the books nd i like gales personality better than peeta!

      • Mrs. Peeta Mellark! :D

         thats crazy!!!! Peeta is so sweet when he announces his undying love for katniss. peeta is awesome, funny, cute, and sweet! My vote goes to peeta!  :D

  • Carly Lynn Harmon

    Peeta  82.91%  (262 votes)    
    Gale  17.09%  (54 votes)   TROLOL GALE.

    • Team gale and finnick

      Gale should be 78%
      Finnick 21%
      Peeta 1%

  • Loves The Boy With The Bread

    It doesn’t matter…. I’m personally a Josh fan anyway if we’re judging by looks, but that’s not the best pic for him I suppose…. I still picked him though because I’m not that big of a fan of Liam’s… I mean he’s hot… I’ll be the first to admit that; I just, I’m not big on him. BUUUT, between the two pictures shown, I like Gale’s a little better… Peeta vs. Gale (like asked) Peeta in a heartbeat. Hunk-wise? Still Josh/Peeta… Picture wise? Liam/Gale seems more model like in his pics, and I’d have to pick him. :-)

    • Valerie

       I agree 100% to everything you said! :)

    • CM

      Says the person who’s username is “Loves the boy with the bread”. Kinda defeats the point of your comment.

      • Loves The Boy With The Bread

        I do love Peeta. I loved him since the first book, way before the movie, and because I love that character doesn’t defeat my purpose. You don’t have to be rude about stuff. Honestly, I was just giving my opinion, and I still stand by it 100%

  • What about Finnick?

    What about Finnick?!

    • Bookslover

      I’m pretty sure he’ll be added when Catching Fire is about to come out.

    • SandyandBailey


    • Team gale and finnick

      Go finnick and gale 😄😄❤❤❤💗💗💓💓💙💙💜💜💚💚😄😃😄😊😃☺😏😌😉


      TEAM FINNICK !!!! <3

  • Bookslover

    I pick Peeta!! But my decision has nothing to do with Josh, though I love him too :)

    • Peeta’s #1 Fan

      I agree Josh dose nothing to influence my decision.  It’s totally Peeta.

  • DiStrIcT12

    i dont like” teams” but i just like Peeta more… I liked him in the books because I think he truly loves Katniss no matter what…

  • Filly on Fire

    There’s really no contest after the third book. I’m not going to spoil it here in case someone hasn’t read it, but my vote’s definitely on Peeta. Although I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of either untill the end of that book.

  • Romina Spasiano

    my favorite actor is  Josh Hutcherson but I´ve  read the book and in the book the best is  Gale ;)
    (sorry about my english ;) I´m from Germany)

    • Team gale

      Well i like gales actor better but i agree other wise

  • Sescobar

    Basing this off of the character and not their looks… My vote goes for Peeta. I loved him from the moment that Katniss told her story about the boy with the bread. It touched my heart and throughout the whole series I was hoping that they would end up together. Lookwise… Liam is one hot little number. :)

  • Bec4hockey

    Okay, I’m team “Let’s not turn this awesome novel series into twilight”….

    • Klaudia

      I agree!!!

  • Joshua Yamada

    Peeta Mellark is my kind of guy!  I was hoping that he would end up with Katniss from the moment I finished ‘Catching Fire.’

  • Soryane

    I don’t want to do the team thing either and i think pretty much everyone of us is on the same team anyway (Team Peeta). Peeta is so charming and likeable…
    But I agree with TeamKatniss, Liam is really attractive (exactly like i imagined Gale in the books by the way).

  • They Call Me Katniss

    josh all the way!!!

  • Lauren Pounds

    are all of the books in the first movie or are they gonna make sequels wit the movies?? <3

  • Callista

    Between the actors, Josh has a charm that I ADORE. But I really do adore Gale. In Catching Fire… everything he said was so true. And when Katniss realized that she and Gale would have to be with each other forever, I was thrilled. And then, in Mockingjay, when it might’ve been his bombs that killed Prim… not to mention Peeta getting corrupted and hijacked… I would’ve stayed single if I were Katniss. But overall, I agree that this is not about Peeta vs Gale. It’s about Katniss and how she changes and has to be this leader, and everyone depends on her. She began with really only caring about her family and Gale’s, and then realizes that it’s not just the two of them that feel so angry at the Capitol, and that she started the rebellion, and its up to her to lead everyone, and that there are still people that she has to look out for. 

    Well, that’s my little rant. I do like Twilight, but Bella is a weak character. I figured it out when my dad asked what Bella’s like. My response was “Well, she’s… pretty smart. She takes care of her dad… and she’s good at obsessing over Edward.”. There’s just nothing to her. Katniss… is utterly grumpy and pretty irritable. But she’s tough, and you can’t help but like her. 

  • Leona

    I have to vote for Peeta.  It’s not that I didn’t like Gale, but we never really got to know him in “The Hunger Games,” then in “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” he was just so angry, and had such tunnel vision in his views on the rebellion.  To him, the end was always worth the end, as long as that end was the downfall of the Capitol.  That’s why I could never get on board with being a fan of Gale, or being a fan of Katniss/Gale.  Katniss had enough anger of her own.  She didn’t need Gale’s as well.

    • Team gale


  • iluvtennis2772

    Please,Please,Please don’t turn this into a Team Gale or Team Peeta thing. I think they are both amazing characters in the book and I don’t care if Katniss were to end up with Peeta or Gale. It’s too hard to choose. If people turn this into a Team Peeta or Team Gale thing, people with choose sides, and it will end up being just like “Team Edward and Team Jacob.” Let’s not let that happen.

  • Klaudia

    I like gale better because hes not afraid to say wat he feels he’s a loyal person!!

    • MEOW

      and you think peeta’s not

    • Juiannavenn99

      ya but he also took forever to tell Katniss that he lied her

      • Team gale

        Ya well woul u go up to ur best friend and say hey i love u ya probably not

  • Katniss


    • Katniss+Gale

      Yep. In the third book.. So sad :’(

    • Adrienne_cordes

      Well that ruined it for me!

  • peetaperson23

    well  im going to have to go with peeta because they they dont show gale much,but he is still very cute

    • Team gale all the way

      But its not about the movies and he will be in the 1st and 2nd movie

  • Josh

    Well, I have to say I am a Peeta fan. I loved playing that role in the movie. Peeta really is a great character- he is very similar to my real personality too.
    Liam is a really nice guy too, but through all of Katniss’s feelings, Peeta/I kept stealing her heart.
    Thanks for all the great comments about my looks.

    • Peeta Mellark Forever!!

       FYI u r the HOTTEST person ever!!!!!!!!! :D

    • Peeta Mellark Forever!!

      You did a great job, oh and u looked hot at the Kids Choice Awards congrats 4 getting invited!! :D

    • ILoveTheBoyWithTheBread

      Josh, I loved you from the first book. You will always be my favorite. TEAM PEETA FOREVER!!!!

      • Josh

        Thank you! Although just to be clear, Peeta was in the book, not me!

      • Juliannavenn99

        I cried really hard in the first book because it was so good. And the way that you were going to give your life for her ws amazing! Your personality was awesome. If I could I would choose you over gale any day.! Any girl would be lucky to have you, and i’m sure some would kill for you!

        • moe moe

          ya i konw but i had to et go of everyting

    • DandelionFan

      Peeta is an absolutely amazing guy. To say that you are like him is possibly one of the biggest compliments you can give yourself is it not?

    • Sandyandbailey

      You were pretty hot in the movie!!! And your so sweet!!! But idk I like peeta and gale!!! U were both hot and sweet!!!

      • Anonymous

        Have you ever realized that Katniss is the Girl on Fire and Peeta is the boy with the Bread together they make toast!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Julianavnn99

          hahaha! I like that

      • Juliannaven99

        Petta is hotter, and to me his personality is way better

    • Emmacousineau

      I really loved you in that movie, i think its one of the best you’ve ever done, it was spectaular, i’ve already seen it once and im going to go again.  I’ve been waiting for this movie for 4 years and i was so thrilled when it hit theaters, i wish you could autograph comments :D

    • Adrienne_cordes

      You could have never done better in that movie. You did perfect in the best movie in history! Gary could have not have picked a better Peeta! Bravo! You are and played exactly what I visioned in the books! I am totally on Team Peeta just like a lot of other people!

    • Adrienne_cordes

      You are my favorite actor EVER and you were hot in that movie!

    • All4soccer

      Btw u did a great job playing petta :)

    • Mrs. Peeta Mellark

      Im in love with the hunger games i eat breath and sleep hunger games. Katniss is the perfect person for Peeta. Im in love with Josh Hutcherson! <3 <3 <3 i mite even have my birthday party hunger games themed! :p


      I LOVE YOU! lol :p >.<

    • Adrienne_cordes

      Have you read all the books?

    • Charlie746

      “Peeta/I keep stealing her heart”. LOL get a life dude and stop pretending to be an actor!

    • Gummy Bears

      You’re not Josh Hutcherson… or are you? o_o

      If you are then I’m fangirling.
      If you aren’t then I’m pissed off -_-

      • candygirl

        haha me too

    • Jackie;D

      Are you REALLY Josh Hutcherson? If you are, then you must know that when i read the book, i was in team Gale, but when i saw the movie you totally won my heart as Peeta. Now i’m all like, “TEAM PEETA!”

      • Team gale

        But josh isnt peeta so if u were team gale u shouldnt switch just cause of the actor

        • Jackie;D

          i changed teams because while i was watching the movie i realized that peeta is a better guy than gale. i wasn’t just judging because of the actor -_-

    • Jackie;D

      Since the hunger games, you’ve become my celebrity crush! i even have a poster of you :D

    • Team gale all the way

      Team gale

      • iluvgale

        srry i actcidently but 1 for dislike or wateva thts for srry tho i go wit team gale too :D

      • candygirl


    • Karen

      Are u reLly josh?

    • Emily Su

      GO TEAM PEETA!!!!!!! you’re welcome, but you really are good looking ;) i can’t wait to see you in more movies! :D break a leg…

  • kkdodd

    i go with gale sorry way pretty llove you gale so much i love u forever <3

  • soccerstar!

    I totally agree wit the twilight thing but I still like gale better because hes like her best friend and there with each other everywhere(except the arena). So i am team Gale whos also rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyy cute

  • Gale+Katniss

    Even though I read the book and know how Katniss ends up with, I like Gale the best :)  I’m not gonna tell who she ends up with! For most people it’s obvious…

  • Me :)

    Peeta :)  I think hes better for Katniss, his love for her is so sweet, Josh Hutcherson is awesome & so cute, he’s perfect as peeta. 

  • Char

    OMG i like love Josh in the movie, but then Liam’s so hot. Hmmm but what team…. TEAM PEETA. aaaaw the cave scene was so sweet <3

  • Char

    gpoing on the looks throughout the movie, Peeta. But they should get a better picture of him for this. Love you Joshh

  • Team Both ;)

    Gale’s (liam) fitter, Peeta’s (josh) nicer and fit ( but not as much as Gale )

  • Gale, oh how I love gale!!!

    Gale is the hottest person alive and he really has feelings for “katnip”!!!! Jk I know it’s katniss!!!!! team Liam hemsworth!!

  • Katnip :D

    Team gale definately, they are, like, made for each other! When she was reaped, she trusted Gale to take care of her family, and it says how the only place she smiles for real is in the woods with Gale, and of course, her nickname, Katnip Lol. He also was willing to run away with her, so you cant complain about how he doesn’t love her like Peeta does. She took a whipping for him, without hesitation, and they were friends since they were young.

  • Katnip <3

    The actor playing Gale is gorgeous and they should have picked an actor who had naturally lighter hair for Peeta. It looks too fake and doesn’t sit well with his face, but the actor is still very cute!!! Bookwise… I still love Gale slightly more. He was a more believable character than the “picture-perfect” Peeta. Gale was strong and willing to take a stand to change the world into a better place instead of being selfish whereas the only thing that mattered to Peeta was Katniss. Some think that is romantic… I think it is sad that Peeta really, truly didn’t have anything else he cared about. Nothing is sexier than a man fighting for a noble cause and putting the fate of others (not just one person’s) future as a priority.

  • Adrienne_cordes

    Josh, When I first saw you in Journey to the Center of the Earth I thought, “This guy is an amazing actor! The best EVER! He is my new favorite actor!” Ever sence that happened I have been your #1 fan! Then when I found out youbwerebin the Hunger Games I was so happy because fav actor+ fav book= awesomeness! You are amazing and you are so encouraging! Thank you!

  • All4soccer

    Omg I luv u Petta I don’t want u to lOve katnIss luv me

    • Team petta

      Team Petta :)

  • Random Taylor :)

    I love Peeta AND Gale! My friends are obsessed with him though an insist I must like Peeta better😂

    • Team gale

      Gale is better tough

  • Via_inco

    honestly peeta all the way and even in the actors apperance id still choose peeta!

  • GaleDeservesKatniss

    Gale is Awesome! I don’t care what people say! Because Gale was Katniss’s friend from beging + they have a lot in common. Peeta stinks no ofense… Katniss and Peeta were kinda forced into a relationship so….

    • Team gale

      Totaly agree TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY

  • HEHE…read me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have to say (in the book) i felt incredibly sorry for “gale” but after the last book: team peeta. the way the author portrayed his character was NOT to my liking. ESPECIALLY the way he…. those who read the book will get the rest of it….. oh well… next movie soon!!!!!!!!!! 2013!

  • anita <3

    estoi enamorada de josh desde que lo vi en el cine por primera vez “puente hacia terravitia”" de pequeña me enamoraaba y al ser el niño bueno en los juegos creo q me a vuellto a conquistar sin querer ajjaja mi novio lo odia

  • anita <3
  • chicagogirl

    Ladies, don’t you think you’re cheapening yourselves here? I’m not against actors or a crazy protestor or anything, and I love the books, but these actors are just people…

  • Annie

    Peeta’s soooooooooooo HOT!!!!!! Peeta and Katniss r the perfect couple :)

    • Team gale

      Its not peeta that plays peeta and katniss and peeta r not just a perfect couple cause of looks and liam hemsworth/gale is a lot hotter TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY and gale and katniss have more chemistry

  • Charlie746

    You’re all stupid if you think that’s actually Josh Hutcherson; as for the person pretending, you clearly have no life. Out of looks I’d have to go for Gale, but if we’re sticking to the books I’m torn, I can see the appeal of both but I see a lot more chemisty between Katniss and Gale.

  • Lindsey

    I Luv Josh Hutcherson Who played the Awesome Peeta in all three movies Josh is a hottie and a awesome Actor I am A Major Major Peeta Fan Peeta belongs with Katniss.Gale is a trator in the 3rd book Prim will be happy 4 Katniss,Prim will say Katniss u did a good job dating Hottie Peeta i luv u sis. Peeta Peeta Peeta Peeta Peeta Josh Hutcherson is a Hottie in all of his movies i luved the Blonde in the Hunger Games but I luved his hair right now.The second book is good i cried in the last book because Prim died because it was Snow fault he sent those bombs after Katniss and her family Josh Hutcherson is A good Actor and so is Alexander Ludwig he played the best Cato.All the Actors did awesome but Josh Hutchwrson was the best i luved every secen with Josh H and Jennifer L the did awesome I can not wa

  • Leah

    I am definitely team gale all of the way!

  • Team gale and finnick

    Gale was there for katniss sence the begining not some stalker like peeta an peeta was a jerk to steal katniss away from gale obviously he new that she liked him and still does and if he wants whats best for her then let her be with gale
    And if they were to make a new book i bet katniss would devorse peeta and get with gale and ya it was gales bomb that killed prim but how was he supposed to know when they were gonna drop it and that it was gonna be on those kids that was coins doing and it wasnt mean for him to go to distrect 2 when prim died cause ge felt that because it COULD have been his bomb that katniss wouldnt forgive him and anyways at least gale is nicer and would have stayed with katniss and not been a jerk and betray her for the carrers. And anyways who nose when e will attack again the didmt completely fix him from the hijacking and gale would have been strong and fight off those things the capitol said if it had happend to him so

    Team gale and finnick mostly gale and its not by looks that did not change my oppion at all but liam hemsworth is still A LOT hotter just i cant believe hes engaged to miley cyrius eww growes t her

    • Team gale and finnick

      And i have a
      Lot more to say like how when ever katniss was hurt gale would be one of the 1st visitors to comfort her unlike peeta and i have A LOT more but i dont feel like typin ot and u guys probably wouldnt read THAT MUCH reasons y gale IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!

      • Team gale and finnick

        Its me again
        And in the books the woods WITH GALE is the only place where she is truely happy and GALE is the ONLY person that she can be her selve to and say anything she wants/needs NOT PEETA BUT GALE!
        So even though ive read the 3rd im still TEAM GALE

    • Jasmine

      Please learn how to spell. Please. I’m begging.

  • anonymoose

    i think she should have ended up with gale.  Peeta was just some random guy who she met, and knew only from the games.  Gale, on the other hand, had known Katniss throughout almost her entire life, and had had so many things in common.  (fathers both lost in mining accident, both hunt to help family survive).  I agree, Peeta did go through a lot with katniss, but Gale was more of a natural mate.  Peeta, was kind of forced to go with her.

  • Karen

    Josh hutcherson did great in the movie and I loved peeta in the books. Me and my friend chose peeta because he is sweet and caring. I am teem peeta all the way (ps I think josh is cute!)

  • Peeta12345

    I think peeta is the best one for katniss I mean they bounded some much during the first 2 books (still reading the 3rd one) so I defitly am on team peeta!:) and if understand what I just posted then yeaaaaaaah:):):):):):):):)

  • iluvgale

    i go wit team gale :D saw the movie first then read the book lol anyway even tho peeta (josh) is hot i think gale (liam) is waayy better lookin nd HOTTER xP :) GO TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

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  • Tammy

    I think I’m better off with Peeta!!! Ha lol

  • Team Peeta


    Lookswise Josh and Liam are completely different kinds of attractive. Liam is like, the sexy beast, tough guy, model material kind and looks more “kept” to me. Josh has the younger look to him and I find his facial features to be sort of unique. I can’t quite pinpoint it though. He’s hot in his own way and I personally prefer him over Liam.
    Now for personalitywise and who I think is better for Katniss
    I still like Peeta (No longer calling them by their real names because I’m talking about the characters, not actors) Some people say he’s a wuss, but I disagree completely. Yes, he’s really sweet, caring, compassionate, etc, but in no way is he a wuss. He strives to protect Katniss and would give his life for her. Cowardly? I think not. Gale, on the other hand, [SPOILER] ran into a lot of conflict with her throughout the series, especially Mockingjay. And in the end [SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER] he left her without a goodbye..Whatever the reason, that’s quite harsh. So I prefer Peeta. He ALWAYS comes back to her, and he’s always there for her. He is devoted, and I think that’s adorable :)

  • kylee

    O my gosh peeta is really cute I love his character I’m Kylee in 5th grade I go to two spring elementary!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.hugonson

    Peeta is so hot!!!

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