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Josh Hutcherson talks kissing Jennifer Lawrence, and moving in with co-stars

78 Comments January 13, 2012 by Filed Under: Josh Hutcherson

 josh hutcherson    Josh Hutcherson talks kissing Jennifer Lawrence, and moving in with co stars   tumblr lx21agpGsD1r8epxbo1 400Mmm-hmm… you heard that right kiddies.  Josh Hutcherson spoke with Access Hollywood and apparently the man’s fondness for kissing his fellow District 12 tribute is not limited to his character, Peeta.

“Jennifer is beautiful, so I’m not going to complain.  It was good,” he said.

As we’ve read before, he previously mentioned that he got along well with Jennifer and that they are very similar in some ways.  He also dished about his camaraderie with co-star Liam Hemsworth.  They got along so well, he claimed there is a “strong possibility” that they will become roommates.

“Me and Liam got along right away, we’re good buds,” he said.

With two more movies in the series to go, what do you think?  Will Josh and Jennifer end up having a fling at some point?  Let’s hear your thoughts!


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  • Hg:):):):):)):)

    The last book will be split into two parts.. right? So 4 movies in total or is that not confirmed? :/

    • Heather_Leigh

      It might be, I’m not sure if it’s confirmed or not yet.  I would love if it was split in two!  Then we would have another movie to enjoy  :)

      • Kelly

        Heck yeah, AND if the last movie was split in two then it take a shorter time to produce.

        • Keekelkay

          if they do split the movie I hope they slit it at the part when katniss learns that peeta has been “hijacked.” Not to much of a cliff hanger but not a totsl boring moment either!!!!!

          • Kelly

            No i’d want them to spilt it when Katniss goes up to the roof with Gale and starts shooting etc.

          • Pigglet0808

            i would like it if they slit it at the part where peeta strangles katniss….. cliff hanger

  • klayrahx7

    I can’t help but be happy when the actors get together like in the book! (kstew&rob)
    So I wouldn’t mind if they got together haha!

  • Kelly

    Bet they probaly will at some point, Can’t wait till the film. Dad said he’s gonna take me. YAY! Though he did add sarkly, I mean, There isn’t any other films to see, Like the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or Misson Impossible 4. But he said he was gonna take me! YAY!

    • Lauren

      I can’t wait either!!!! I’m going to the midnight showing …… cant wait!!!!!

      • Kelly

        You mean the premire? No i’m going a few days after it’s out. Coz LOADS of peeps are gonna go see it, Were waiting until not AS many people are going. CAN’T DAMN WAIT.

  • Lauren

    I think jen and Josh would look cute together!! don’t u? :)

    • Ashro99

      They so would b cute together!!! i cant wait for the movie!!! sadly my sister is team GALE!!! I’m a total team PEETA.

      • Chast Ruiz99

        i am team PEETA and my cousin is team GALE tooooo

        • Peeta4eva

          Team PEETA !!!!!! luv him!!!!! <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxox

          • Someone like you

            This is the hunger games not twilight

      • kit

        TEAM PEETA!

      • Catalina Sam

        I am on team Peeta too. Josh Hutcherson is so cute. (: <3

  • Leann

    It would be awesome if they did! But I think Jen is already dating someone, but they’re will be a lot of kisses shared. So, who knows?

  • Katniss

    I would love it to bits if they actually got together! The only thing is…well, I feel the actors are just sometimes pretending to be all nice and friendly with each other that I’m not sure if they’re genuine.

    I don’t want to force two people to pretend to like each other just because of the media…

    • Keekelkay

      Katniss^^^ said: I don’t want to force two people to pretend to like each other just because of the media…

      Kinda a little bit like they did in the real hunger games??? peeta and katniss having to <3 each over even when they didn't just for the press!

      • Mercedes

        lol true OMG

  • Yakov99n

    isnt there 4 movies?

    • Alex

      I thought so too because Mokingjay should be the movie that has the most stuff from the novels like details and stuff, and i thought it should be split into 2 parts. Plus a lot of popular movies had their last novel split into 2 parts like Harry Potter or the Twilight Saga.

  • Jasmine

    They might start dating. It would be kinda cool if they did. If they don’t, I wouldn’t get mad.

    • Chast Ruiz99

      i know

  • Sonna

    I am really glad that the actors are getting along well and I am sure that the movie will be great!
    Also…honestly… Josh and Jennifer do look cute together but from what I’ve heard and read, she was dating Nicholas Hoult (Beast from X-men) so I don’t think they might get together o-o

    • #1hungergAmesfan!!!!!!

      I heard they split and so did Josh and venessa ;)

  • finnick<3

    i can’t get over it, josh just isn’t my peeta

  • Keekelkay

    Lol. Kinda like a modern day peeta and katniss, but way cooler!! One little kiss scene = dating <3

  • Joshua Yamada

    I Hope so and I hope that they both can put that little prank with the dummy behind them.  They make such a cute couple!

  • Masynclark

    I love peeta Melark I mean he is soooo cute and has the best personalty!!! I even keep a picture of him in my desk! But don’t get me wrong I like katniss too! It’s just that I have a crush on peeta. Katniss is so strong and has great talents like she is amazing with a bow and arrow!! I love hunger games best book I have ever read!!!!!!!

    • Kelly

      I have a crush on Cato. Poor, poor Cato.

    • Chast Ruiz99

      ohhh my god you are just like me!!! I think the same way toooo

  • Muffin 711

    I don’t think it is a good idea.  It just seems too Twilighty to me.  We want to stay as far away from Twilight as possiable.  Hunger Games is it’s own movie… it’s NOT Twilight

    • Annie

      Saying you dont want it to be “Twilight” why did you have to bring it up?? I didn’t think it was twilighty until i read ur comment. Maybe u should take ur own advice? Not trying to be rude.(:

  • me

    NO they shouldn’t date! They don’t suit each other.

    • Alex

      Shut up!!!!! Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect for each other!! I’m just guessing but i think by the end of Mokingjay or a bit before that they would be dating. If Jennifer saw that Nicholas Hoult wasn’t as good for her she would go to Josh if he was still a single. Vanessa and Josh just weren’t a good match and Jeniffer and Josh are. I saw YES they should date.

  • Tsweezyfan

    i hope not. i will be jealous. he needs to date girlies his own age. im sure vanessa and jenn are tired of babysitting him. ITS MY TURN! hahaha!

  • Ms.Hutcherson


  • alexus

    It woould be cool if they spit it on where katniss is at the tv and where peeta is saying that she is going to die in 13.where they end is where Peeta gets beat up and his blood splatters the tiles.That would make a really exciting “to be continued ending.

    • #1hungergamesfan!!!!!

      Hey ,no spoilers now ;) … Jk it don’t. Matter I red them all 4 times lol DA BEST. bOOKS EVAAAA

  • Thejosie

    Oh yeah,the have to it would be so much better if the were a thing I mean it would be more real and all.

  • Jamminjosie

    He is perfect for Jennifer!!! Come on man
    Make a move already!

  • Miss MELARK!!!’

    I can see it now!!!
    Hawtie Hutcherson and Lovely Lawrence!

  • Kit

    I LOVE PEETA MELLARK!!!!!! :) <3 

  • Yasmineahmed808

    I thought josh was going out with vanessa? Well anyways he belongs with “katniss” that kiss was so romantic i eish i was her

  • Myle408

    Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson!!! You two should marry each other!!

  • Myle408

    Jennifer and josh should marry each other!

    • Alex

      If only Josh made a move! dang it Josh you should make the first move not her!!!! it would work for Jennifer if she made the first move. But they would rock if they were dating!

  • Hi

    She’s dating Nicholas Hoult -_- I think they look good together and Josh’s dating Vanessa Hudgens 

  • District 12 girl

    YES!!!! They’d make one of the cutest couples ever! OMG I think they will. Josh just make a move.

  • Micky!!!

    Josh and jennifer belong together!!! I mean theyre the cutest couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would definitely add to the heat of the movies if they were dating!!!!!! Josh and jenn if your reading this im ur biggest fan … Not like creepy but seriously i love u both sooooo much!!!! Come to madison heights michigan some time sooo many of me and my friends want to meet u guys cloce cato foxface thresh rue marvel glimmer And everyone else!!!!!!!!! Josh and jenn keep up the fantastic work as peeta and katniss btw ppl will say theyre ur biggest fan but apparently to be ur biggest fan u have to have 12 dozen magaines bags shirts posters ….. I have 3 posters and a pin a bag and a magazine sooo understand tht i love u all soooo much!! Keep up the good work 4 the 2nd and 3rd movie <3 u!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mb hgfan&jenn&josh<3er

    • Kskdjalaansjsksk

      juat because you have a magazine & a bag.. dosen’t mean you are the biggest fan. more like cockiest fan. js.

  • #1hungergamesfan!!!!!

    Omg they would be sook cite together right now I’ve reed the series 4 times and I can’t wait to see the mOvies there not our on my part of the globe yet but on friday they will be YAY I love kennifer and Josh theyd be sooooooooo cute right ???

  • Kittensarecute418

    i would love for josh to date jenn! its just that … Josh is freakin hot!!!! i love you !!!!!! im too tal for my age so i can date him!!! josh if youy r reading this can u come to san antonio texas? with all of your friends!!

  • Bianca

    I mean it would be cute yeah but I’m not the one to get all goo goo over celebrities and personally they left out sooooo much on the movie I like the movie but the book is sooo much better. Though I do think the actors they picked are fantastic for the part especially Josh. I do agree it would be cute because well they end in love and in our imagination to know it was fake? To at least know their dating would hell but she is two years older! But I think so!

    • Bianca


  • #1 Hunger Games Fan

    I hope they do because they were SOO perfect it in the movie and out of the movie too!! If they do I will be SOOOO happy!:)

  • #1 Hunger Games Fan

    Oh and I can’t wait
    For Catching fire to come out as a movie!:)

  • Sophiab2012

    They would be so cute together like in the hunger games but if there’s no love connection then they shouldn’t be together! No one should be forced to date someone it’s so wrong!
    -I love you josh and jennifer

  • Destinifaythe16

    That’d be pretty awesome if they did(: bc if josh came to my front door saying “will you be my girl” i’d be like “HECK YEAHH!!!!”(:

  • Lindsey

    i hope jennifer and josh are together because they would be just right each other i would be so so so so so so HAPPY:)

  • lindsey

    how josh and jennifer kiss in the movies well if they were dating than they would not have to reherse it all the time perfect i know right. josh and jennifer really want them to date :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Annoymus

    I think they will but not until a bit later. THey still have Catching Fire & Mocking Jay to film.

  • PeetaForEvuh!

    I want them to date so badly! I mean they are just PERFECT for each other, the are so friendly to each other. Who wouldn’t love them?

  • Team Josh

    I think they would make a great couple!
    Josh and Jennifer sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

  • jennifer_Mason

    They should get together! They are perfect together!

  • Sydney

    I would love them together .Jen is my idol and I love josh I would be the happiest person on earth if they got together 😃 they just make me happy

  • Angela Rowell

    After Josh dating Vanessa Hudgens so briefly and so meaninglessly, I feel there is no point in them dating. *Shrugs* Idk could be just my sadness that I finished the series talking.

    • Angela Rowell

      Oh yeah and if they dated it would make Jennifer a cougar -_- Not hating but just saying.

      • cutekitten

        jennifer is not a cougar.she is great.her and peeta would make a great couple thought

  • Hunger Games!!!!

    Jen and Josh would be an adorable couple!
    Don’t you think so 2???

  • Snoozles

    I defenitly wouldn’t be against it, but after all it’s not my choice….. GO TEAM PEETA!!

  • cutekitten

    i think jennifer and josh go perfect together
    i think they should start dating.

  • Mercedes

    Usually i would get mad if someone dates josh bc i want to lol but Jeniffer and him look so CUTE together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD BE SO HAPPY IF THEY DID !

  • Mercedz


  • Winnie Chen

    Team Peeta!!!
    Jenn and Josh should date!!

  • Annie

    I hope they’re together!(: they would be so cute!:D

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