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‘The Hunger Games’ Highlights of 2011!

7 Comments December 28, 2011 by Filed Under: Hunger Game Countdown

 movies com hunger game countdown    The Hunger Games Highlights of 2011!   effie hunger games poster 300x462With 2011 almost over it is customary to think back about everything that has occurred in this last year, but for this fandom it’s all about our favorite moments that The Hunger Games has brought us! The newest article of‘s ‘Hunger Games’ Countdown highlights the best moments as seen by the fandom. I had the chance to provide my favorite moment, which was the release of The Hunger Games character posters, while others preferred the full theatrical trailer, or the Vanity Fair photo-shoot. Here is what some of the fandom had to say about what their favorite moments were and why:

Melanie of
My favorite Hunger Games moment of 2011 was the release of the Hunger Games character posters, not only because it gave us a look at how the characters would appear on the big screen, but also because it provided us with the reactions of the fans. The poster for Haymitch created a lot of talk regarding his long hair and whether or not it suited his character while Effie’s poster caused quite a stir as fans questioned the pinkness of her hair color. It was amazing to see how the characters would appear in the movie, but it was equally amazing to see the passionate reactions from the fans.

Sheila of HG Girl on Fire
The best Hunger Games moment of 2011 for me was the debut of the first full theatrical trailer. It was the culmination of months of anticipation, speculation and worry about whether the movie would fit the images in my head. After getting up early to watch the trailer, I found myself getting goose bumps and teary-eyed seeing my favorite book come to life. The Reaping, the train ride to The Capitol, the tributes training and the final chilling countdown all lived up to my expectations and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Kait of Victor’s Village
What a photo shoot! It was great to step back from the movie set and see the tribute actors looking sharp. The group shot was great and one photo of Jennifer, Josh, and Liam probably spawned some inappropriate fan fiction. We’ve got fuel for Hunger Games themed graphics for months thanks to Vanity Fair, not to mention cool new information on the auditions and the actors!

So, what was your favorite Hunger Games moment of this past year? Let us know in the comments!
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  • BooksLover!

    I definitely just loved all the info of THG that was put out in 2011, but by far my favoite highlight was definitely the full trailer! We got to see what the movie would look like and the actors in action (even if it was just for 2:30 minutes). We also got to see the chemistry between a few actors. The entire time my heart was racing. I’m so glad we got to see a glimpse of what the movie will be like :)

  • peetalover

    finding out that Josh Hutcherson would be playing Peeta!!!!! :’) 

  • Kelly

    My favorite bit was when the posters were realeased. Still ages to the movie though. I still have to convince my parents to let me go! Dx

  • Joshua Yamada

    My favorite character poster is still Katniss because she’s my most favorite character in the trilogy!

  • Jasmine

    It’s hard to choose just ONE!!! I loved the full trailer because I got to take a real glimpse of the movie!! I liked the photo shoot because I got to really see the different characters!! Also, the new promotional poster and the castings were great!! I have to admit though, it was probably the full trailer that got me most excited!!! I hope that in 2012 there is another trailer so I can see even more!!!!

  • Austina Shaughnessy

    have to say the theatrical trailer its 2:30 of pure awesomeness and gave a lot of hints and clues as to what things look like the costumes pretty much everything

  • Mockingjay 703

    I was ecstatic when the full cast list came out. The whole 2011 year was filled with fake cast lists and who people THOUGHT should play the characters. I would find one list and be squealing with joy and then at the bottom it would say “not the actual cast of The Hunger Games”. And I would be like -.-

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