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Lyrics to “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift plus Word Cloud

 taylor swift safe sound hunger games soundtrack    Lyrics to Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift plus Word Cloud   taylor swift safe sound lyrics 600x356

Now that Taylor Swift is on the Hunger Games Soundtrack, with her song “Safe & Sound” as the first announced single from the soundtrack, let’s take a closer look at the lyrics.

The illustration above shows the most frequently-used words in the song, with the largest words most frequent.

You can read the lyrics below-what do you think? The fire reference is nice!

I remember tears streaming down your face
 When I said, I'll never let you go
 When all those shadows almost killed your light
 I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone
 But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight
Just close your eyes
 The sun is going down
 You'll be alright
 No one can hurt you now
 Come morning light
 You and I'll be safe and sound
Don't you dare look out your window darling
Everything's on fire
 The war outside our door keeps raging on
 Hold onto this lullaby
 Even when the music's gone
Just close your eyes
 The sun is going down
 You'll be alright
 No one can hurt you now
 Come morning light
 You and I'll be safe and sound
Just close your eyes
 You'll be alright
 Come morning light,
 You and I'll be safe and sound...

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  • Patricia .A


  • Dee

    I Think this would be a good song after the reaping and Katniss in comforting Prim

  • asdf

    the katniss and peeta scene when they’re in the cave.

    • Madisonbaskette

      That’s exactly what I thought as soon as I heard it!!!!

  • Irv

    “Safe and Sound”- Katniss’s words after Rue’s death 

  • Jess

    Probably when Peeta and Katniss are at the top of the Cornucopia while Cato is dying. They think come morning light they will be safe.

  • bkwrm

    I think this song relates more to Katniss and Rue. After, when Katniss sings the lullaby and Rue passes away, Katniss covers her with flowers. In, my opinion, the song should be placed after Katniss takes one last look at Rue after she is decorated in those flowers. As she’s walking away to find a place to sleep , the song should be played. Not only would it fit with the story line, but also be a part of strategic directing. It gives the viewers time to let what happen sink in and provides a well transition. This is, I think, the best time for the song to be played but when Katniss and Peeta are on the Cornucopia away from the mutts and Cato is also a spot to be considered as well. I do think Taylor did a very good job with this song. It’s unlike her and very haunting, in a good way. After all, isn’t that what the Hunger Games is all about?

    • Kim

      I agree with you on this. It should be played when Rue is passing away and asks Katniss to sing a lullaby and in the part with Katniss and Peeta.

      • Tessa

        HELL YES.

    • Ethan Fletcher

      I definitely agree with you. The song is haunting in a good way and makes the moment memorable. The first time I heard the song I almost cried because it was so sad. I also agree with you on it being a good idea to put it in when she takes the last look at Rue. It does let the moment sink in as you realize what has happened.

    • Alanieta

      i personally think its in the begining when she takes her sisters place

    • Addie

      I agree, because it relates very well.

      katniss and rue:
      “safe and sound” is like when katniss says “good and safe” as she walks away from rue
      “don’t leave me here alone” is when rue tells katniss “don’t go”
      and katniss says “staying right here” like in the song “‘I’ll never let you go”
      “no one can hurt you now” because rue can’t be hurt in the hunger games anymore.
      “but all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight” self-explanatory 
      “hold onto this lullaby, even when the music’s gone” katniss’s lullaby for rue as she dies

      katniss and peeta:
      “just close your eyes, you’ll be alright” like the sleeping drugs when katniss went to get peeta the antidote
      “don’t you dare look out your window. darling, the everything’s on fire. the war outside our door keeps raging on” like in the cave. they are safe and separate from the rest of the hunger games competition
      “come morning light, you and i’ll be safe and sound” in the cornucopia waiting for the games to be over and cato to die

      • Jshch

        That’s actually very true!

  • BooksLover!

    I love the lyrics! It’s definitely a song written FOR THG and it makes me excited that Taylor is a fan of my favorite books ever! :)

  • Jasmine

    The lyrics describe The Hunger Games so well!! I can definitely see this on the soundtrack!!

    • Cartertammy71

      I let my friend listen to the song and he’s read all the books and he said it didn’t fit into the Hunger Games at all :o. I was like” what in the world how can it not fit in the Hunger Games” I don’t know but as soon as I heard it I thought of the Hunger Games. There also is a song by Maroon 5 called “Come away to the water” it’s a awesome song and it fits good into the Hunger Games!

  • Anonymous

    so i’m just rereading the book again and this song sounds very familiar
    the words that is so i looked in my book and what do you know the song katniss sings to rue when she is dying the words are very similair

  • Karly

    I think this should be Peeta comferting Katniss during the Hunger Games.

    • Smith1

      Learn how to spell comforting. It is -fort- not -fert- in that word.

  • Katniss_Peeta_321

    Amazing song. I personally think this song should be playing when Katniss gives Peeta those berries that make him sleep, and as he realizes this and he falls asleep it should play and when Katniss walks out of the cave. It also could play when Rue dies, because the words are extremly similiar in the lullably she sings to her when she is dying. I really don’t think it should play when they are on the cornicopia, because that is when you will be hearing the sounds of Cato dying. So really you wold only want the viewers to hear the sounds of the dying Cato for a better affect on them.  Taylor did a fantastic job with this song and it is very haunting. It makes you want to play it over and over again!

    • Jodie H

      I totally agree to the berries
      i think it would make thescene more moving :3
      but rues death would be good too
      but since she already has a lullaby song
      i kinda think it might be a lil over squished with songs :/
      but either way, ending in an amazing result :)

  • Britney

    when i hear this song, i imagine katniss in a tree…
    hugging her knees with tears streaming down her face
    when the nights sky is approching and she wants to close her eyes to go home
    i particularly think of the nihgt she screamed peetas name from the tree,
    but rues death is another great possibility!
    either way the ong NEEDS to be in this movie :’)

  • Smhardy

    I think that all of these are possible, however, the first time I heard it I thought Peeta and Katniss. Just when she find Peeta, I could see it playing in the background when shes washing off his wounds in the stream and then in the cave when shes force feeding him. That’s just the first thing I thought of. 

    • Thinkergirl12345

      Me too.

    • Njdidndi


  • kritrika

    luv it my first thought about where this song would be placed was where cato is dies and they think that its there last night in the arena makes me want to cry sorta

  • kritika

    peeta and katniss in the cave when shes going to the feast thing definately i can bet

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  • Smith12345

    I think the song relates to Katniss when ever she safe and being hunted down or get thrown at by fire balls. Also, it is when Rue’s body was being taken back to the capital, and I just picture it . I am glad they chose someone who puts emotion into they’re work and not some singer who is made up, like Justin Bieber. The song relates to the entire movie and I hope everyone, who is a fan, loves it as much as I do.

  • Jodie H.

    this song should be play when she drugs peeta asleep
    while shes making her way to the feast
    ” just close your eyes, the sun is going down”
    as in the part where he falls asleep
    “you’ll be alright,  no one can hurt you now”
    as in when she bring the antidote back
    he woud have survived
    ” i remember you said dont leave me here alone”
    the part where peeta tells her if she goes he’ll drag himself behind her
    ” but all thats dead and gone and past tonihgt” also “come morning light, you and i”ll be safe and sound”
    as in everything will be fine when morning comes
    to me this song its this scene perfectly.
    word for word.
    anyone else agree? :’) 

    • THinkergirl12345

      I agree. Great timing to sing the song.

    • Griffeth3

      I most definitely agree. Every time I hear the song, I think of them in the cave.

      • Hunger games girl

        That is the first place that popped in my mind when I heard the song.

    • Lo

       I automatically thought Peeta and Katniss as well. That scene would be perfect but it can go both ways for he comforted her as well at a few different times throughout the trilogy. I get chills listening to this song it’s so fitting.

    • Crazymokney4you

      I agree it should be

    • Peanutbuddy2009

      yes, exzactly, peeta just doesnt want her to leave! :(((

  • Mrs. Peeta Mellark <3

    I think it is when Katnis and Peeta are on top of the  Cornucopia and waiting for Cato to be killed by the mutts/tributes. Why you may ask  is that, because I can picture Katniss singing to Peeta that they are going to be safe and aound in the morning.

  • British101

    definetly the cave scene. this just screams Katniss and Peeta snuggling in the sleeping bag to me.

  • Thinkergirl12345

    I think the song should be played when Katniss is saving Peeta and they are in the cave hiding and sleeping.

  • Michelle

    Great lyrics and melody

  • Ajvanfennell

    I think this is not a good song to play at rue’s because Katniss already sings a song to rue when she is dying. it would cramp the scean with too many songs. It a good song to sing to peeta when he is behind the glass and is dying. when she is banging on the glass and yelling to peeta and to the capitol people. it would also be a good song to play when katniss is druging peeta.

  • Chloexcoy

    I’m surprised Taylor Swift sang this song. She’s usually more country pop kinda stuff. I love this song though! It kinda makes me wanna cry! 

  • Peetaluvr

    I think it should be sung from katniss to prim after she takes her place in the games. “no one can hurt you now” as in you won’t have to go in there. And “you and I’ll be safe and sound” like when I win I’ll come back to you and mom

  • FreePanemfromtheCapitol


    Whenever I hear this song I can only picture one thing: when Katniss is in her compartment in District 13 with buttercup the cat, and she tells him “Prim is not coming back… she’s dead! You hear me? She’s dead!” and she starts crying (I think she cries… I can’t remember)…   This song reminds me of Prim an awful lot, and I can only picture that scene… 

    I know this song will be in The Hunger Games, not Mockingjay, so I agree with the people that say that they should play it when Katniss drugs Peeta in the cave, beacuse of the resemblance of the mood and the lyrics with what happens in the cave… I don’t think they should play it when Rue dies, because they will play the lullaby there (I hope) and that is a very sentimental moment all by itself… if they cram the two songs together, then it may ruin the moment… :S

    I love Taylor Swift, but this is nothing like her… It is beautiful yet haunting, and I’m addicted to the song… :D she did a great job and I am proud to be her fan, but even more proud to be a Hunger Games fan :D

  • guest

    i thought at first it would go best with rues death but then i realized that that part already has a song so this wouldn’t be able to fit in 
    then i thought like some of the cave scenes and maybe it would still fit there but now i think it would go best when peeta and katniss are on the cornucopia waiting for cato to die

  • ya buddy

    i totally agree with bkwrm thats what i think of every time i hear this song

  • Chelsearojas

    This isn’t lik her. But it sets the mood.
    It’s haunting. But this is what the hunger games is about. Right.? Love this song!<33

  • DraftingMarch

    I just imagine when Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games in place of Prim. It fits the lyrics so well, that Prim doesn’t want her to leave, and Katniss wants to protect her not only from the Games, but from all the darkness of the Capitol. She gives Prim something to hold on to, and because of her sacrifice, Prim is safe an nothing can harm her now. (In this book.) There is already the lullaby she sings when Rue dies, and I feel like it’s directed at her sister or even Rue, not Peeta.

  • rachelsaidso

    Or when when Peeta is sick and Katniss decides she has to get the vaccine. Or when Katniss is the tree and they announce that two tributes can live, and she yelps Petta’s name, then goes looking for him.

  • MockingJay25

    You know, a LOT of people I know hate Taylor Swift. But before you people go around not liking Taylor Swift, listen to this song. This is not really her genre but she is really good at this too! It rings in your mind, and you remember it. Very catchy, in a haunting, sad kind of way. I think this song is kind of showing the parts of the Hunger Games when Rue dies, and also when the arena catches fire. I LOVE THIS SONG, PPL! Listen to this song before you bad mouth Taylor Swift!

  • Mariataylortaylor

    oh,,GOD!!wat a SONG by TAYLOR SWIFT!!luv U sooo MUCH!keep it UP! <3

  • Julieannamclove

    I literally bawled my eyes out listening to this song. Not just because it fits the story so well, but also the emotional strings it plucks.

  • Kenzielynn

    For Prime.
    If they play it 4 rue fans will be angry cuz she needs to sing rues song.
    It could also b 4 petta but rue is more likely

  • Jenna Li

    I think of it when she is walking to the feast after giving Peeta the sleep syrup.

  • Hueymolly108

    I think of when Prim gets called in the reaping.

  • Foreverloveandgrace

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! :D

  • anna

    i imagine the song will be played when Prim is lying and crying in Katniss’ arms right before she is leaving for Capitol. That gives the viewer time to let things sink in a bit before the movie continues.

  • Callie923

    When I first heard this song I immediately thought of Katniss and Prim. Like this is what she told her after her name was drawn to try to comfort her. Like when it says “almost killed your light”, Katniss was always worried that the world and reality would kill Prim’s innocence, spirit, and “light”. And “don’t leave me here alone” could be Prim not wanting Katniss to leave for the games. So this would be played during or after Prim and Katniss’s final goodbye before the games. Just a thought :)

  • rbjack

    I think it works PERFECTLY for either the sleeping syrup scene with Peeta or with Prim and the reaping. I think having it with Rue would be great, but there is already a lullaby in that scene so it seems a bit much. Also, I was thinking it could be when they are announced as winners and are getting taken out of the arena, when Peeta gets taken by doctors and Katniss is still feeling like the games are not over. In reality, the games never really end…so the song could represent how they think that because they are out of the arena they are safe : 
    This totally seems like something Katniss would be thinking about right after they “win” and how it will all be over soon…

    • casualadybug

      I agree, I think It would be perfect for after they “win” the games, When they go back to thier families……. Wherever they dicid to put I’m all for! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    omg this song is so amazing! i also luv thsi pic!
    i just can’t wait 4 the HUNGER GAMES!!!!!! i mean, who isn’t?
    im just wondering but which is better: THE HUNGER GAMES or HARRY POTTER? or harry pooper as i call him!

  • S.k

    I think that it could play in these places:
    1) When Katniss is saying goodbye to Prim
    2) When Katniss drugs Peeta to make him sleep
    3) Other times in the arena

    I also think that the Secret Sisters Hunger Games song, Tomorrow will be Kinder, should play:
    1) When Katniss and Peeta are on the train back from the Hunger Games

  • Belle

    I know this is going to be in the first movie, but when I hear this song I always picture Peeta holding Katnis when she can’t sleep because of all the nightmares.

  • Hunger Games Girl

    who cares wat time in the movie it takes place its an awesome song either way!!!!

  • Chansidyfaith15

    This song is gorgeous! I haven’t read the Hunger Games, but i bet they are good. Anyway, this song shocked me by how beautifully taylor swift sings it!! Its AWESOME!! I LOVE IT!

  • Phenixcowart

    this song is on Breaking Don

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  • Mike Franzen

    thanks everybody, for spoiling the movie.

  • Anna

    I personally think this song is from Katniss to Prim.

  • Kris

    I honestly do think Safe & Sound is Rue’s. After all, in the book, she states that what she loves the most is music, and part of the lyrics are: ‘Hold onto this lullaby
    Even when the music’s gone, gone’. A lullaby is a song sung to lure someone to sleep, so the lullaby part can be associated with that. 
    This could also refer to the whole Career-food-stealing plan because Foxface appeared and stole some food and the book goes on to say:  ”And then she’s doing her odd little dance back out of the circle and scampering into the woods again, ~safe and sound~”.  :3

  • Sweatshoppe

    They didn’t play the song at all

  • Pie4

    I think that any scene (Peeta&Katniss in the cave, Rue’s Death, or Katniss and Peeta during the Cornopia) would work awesome. >:D, But as soon as I heard this song, i’m sorry to admit, it was automaticly thought to be in the cave scene. But Rue’s death is awesome too :D~<3

  • Bookworm :3

    It would work either scene, Peeta and Katniss in the Cornopia or cave, or Rue dying, the movie was hacking awesome. Hollywood would have done worse. (Take for example, the Percy Jackson Movie “The Lightning Thief”, which WAS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK AT ALL….in btw, they are making a sequel…..HOW’S THAT POSSIBLE IF IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK?!?!)

    XD, totally went out of subject and spazzed. But, I think the director of the Hunger Games movie did a great job)

  • Cartertammy71

    I love that song :) After I read the book I was like it will probably be played when Peeta and Katniss are in the cave in the arena but it didn’t. The book was better though.

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  • hungergamefan

    i actually think it relates to Katniss and Peeta but in the video its more like Prim walking thruogh distric twelve after she dies

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