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Learn to Make a Katniss Inspired Braid

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With the release of the “World Will Be Watching” official movie poster we were able to get this great look at the back of Katniss’s signature braid.

 hunger games fashion    Learn to Make a Katniss Inspired Braid   KatnissBraidCloseUp1 300x252

It’s a perfect style for running around as a tribute in the arena, or for every day hair.  If you want to get a similar look, check out this great and really quick braid tutorial from LetsMakeItUp1

One difference  between the picture and tutorial was that Katniss’s braid sticks out more than the one in the tutorial. This leads me to believe that the Katniss braid was braided “out” versus “in”, which was shown in the tutorial. Do you agree? If you don’t know the difference between the french braiding methods, this video explains it well: In French Versus Out French Braids.

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  • Kelly

    I’m excited for the film. The hair is really awesome. And this website is making so so excited! Dx it’s so long till there’s the film is out….,

  • Joshua Yamada

    Now that is STYLE!

  • hi

    its called a dutch braid not a out french braid and the end result is very different

    • sar

      A dutch braid is the same thing as an inside out French braid its all just a difference in what people call it not the look….

      • 2naughtydogs

        True, but I think hi’s point is that the poster shows an inside out French (or Dutch) braid while the video is of a French braid.  I like the poster look a lot.

        • Natter0

          ya i do two can you show us how to do a out french or deuctc

  • Jael

    This is the only time I actually regret cutting my hair into a pixie cut… eh, I can buy a wig and practice braiding that and wear it instead. 

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  • Jasmine

    I thnk my hair is too short.  :(

  • Melanie (Spectra)

    That’s really neat, I think I may have to try it now!

  • Mandystsai

    Yes, you’re right, the braid is braided out, like an inverse of the one in the video. I did it for my informal hairstyle, and twisted a side bun in the end. 

  • Anonymous

    Katnisses Braid is an inverted french braid, it’s like making one big cornrow.

  • Rebecca Krajancic

    I do this style all the time! I havent tried it as an ‘out’ braid though, so hopefully it looks like katniss! But, it seems katnisses has a four peice braid? Or as @thetiffn8r was saying, like a big cornrow? That would explain why in the book katnisses mum had to show her styling team how to do the hairstyle :) 

  • Anonymous

    I do this style all the time! I havent tried it as an ‘out’ braid though, so hopefully it looks like katniss! But, it seems katnisses has a four peice braid? Or as @thetiffn8r was saying, like a big cornrow? That would explain why in the book katnisses mum had to show her styling team how to do the hairstyle :)

  • Penelope Lolohea

    Love the video! I do think that Katniss’ braid is a 4-strand french braid, though. Or maybe even a 5-strand. Thanks for posting the video! I’ll bet this will be a popular style to wear to the midnight showings. :)

  • LilyLunaLovegood

    Dude, it’s called a Dutch braid. Not an “out braid”…

  • Nicole Nolan

    4 and 5 strand braids look way different from Katniss’s braid! i have a 5 strand braid in right now and it has almost a “checkered-wide-flat” look to it. I can perfectly replicate her hair, its a Dutch braid, or reverse french braid since instead of pulling the hair over you pull it under and it creates the more protruding row of a braid.

    • Emilyschroth

      five strands???? mazing…. :)

  • Marcella_margiotta

    Omg! I love the hunger games! I’ve been wondering how to do this hairstyle! Thanks! Xoxoxoxoxo <3

  • catty

    it looks the same done as a normal french braid, i have the same hair type as katniss and i did it with three strands and french braided. it looks the EXACT same. 

  • Kendra

    Ya this braid seems to be more than just three strands but I love the hair style and the books I can’t wait til the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!

  • Karleefolkesson7

    I love the braid and im gonna try and wear it to the midnite showing this thursday!! TEAM PEETA ALL THE FRIEKIN WAY!!!!

    • Br

      I did the same when went to see it last night

    • dance1o1

      Umm, this isn’t twilight, so there aren’t any teams, please don’t ruin HG 

      • =)

        I think theres team Peeta VS team Gale. How is that ruining it and this is nothing like twilight so if you don’t like it don’t compare it. :/  (Team Peeta btw)

        • Mariennego

          did you know… wait do u want me to spoil it?

      • Brie

        Please stop saying there r no teams there can be teams u r not suzzane collins so i think we can TEAM PEETA!!!!

      • Justine Beaver

        Hey, while I’m not team anyone (after reading all THG books they’re both irritating in different ways) I must say that Hunger Games can never be turned into Twilight. THG trilogy is a fantastic and well written story which draws you in and makes you feel like you’re there in Panem. Twilight is a big pile of self-inserted Mary Sue bollocks with a terrible role model, and two terrible excuses for male characters. No. Characters is too positive a word, it makes them sound like they have purpose and personality. More like… Mannequins.

        • Kasskianna

          That’s what I’m saying!! The hunger games is really good but nothing like twilight and I’m not team peeta or gale I like them both!:)

  • Mada pacheco

    ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh my god………i just cant wait to see this movie it comes out this friday!!!! i love all thre books the hunger games catching fire,and moking jay the last one is so sad prim dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 sorry if i spoiled it for the peaple who have not read the book. well me and my friend are going to do the same exact braid as katniss at the movies i have the same exact hair as katniss i meen the same!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luffyalways

      nooooooo u spoiled it for meee!!!!!

    • Team Gale

      Haha Saaaame me and my friends r dressing up like Katniss with the leathr jakets, tights and the hair :) 
      Prim… D;

    • =)

      I couldn’t help but read. (I just died inside)

  • Sharsharsherfey

    OMG who is soooooooooooooooooooo exidedfor The Hunger Games

    • Natter0

      im so exicited to see this EPIC MOVIE!

      • Katniss Everdeen

        I love this movie. But I love the books even better ( I’m the biggest HG fan in the world) no offence to other mega fans but I’m #1

  • Sharsharsherfey

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to see the hunger games on friday

  • Katie-rose20

    Love the hair.
    New craze/ gossip

  • Katniss

    Yay! I have read all of the hunger games books 5 times!!! I am even doing a book report on Katniss!

  • Katniss

    Team Peeta!!!!

    • Brie

      Guys dont use fake names trust me u will see y soon

  • Twilight8675

    I love prim rue and katniss

  • Licigallegos

    Ive read the books like 5 times love the braid i wore it to school today snd got lots of coments already! Imove peeta,katniss,rue,and prim!

    • GO HUNGER GAMES (licigallegos)

      Srry ment i love. . .

    • Natter0

      so do I but I havent seen the movie yet want to sooo bad!:(

  • Katniss

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I saw the movie yesterday.

  • Katniss

    OMG im happy

  • Amarsh

    snap, watched the movie lastnight and really liked it, left out some major parts

  • Sushisimpson14

    yes, it’s an out braid, which requires you to braid under instead of over, like the annotations address in the video.

  • Rachel27ss

    I love this hair style. I also love The Hunger Games! I keep trying to do my hair like that. I need practice!

  • Natter0

    WOW i cant believe the courage she has and the confidence! just like me reply if your like Katniss and me !!

  • Team Peeta

    i love the hunger games sooooooooooo much that i’m redoing my room to be like the hunger games

  • Ummy

    Already been waring for months

  • MIssWogs

    omg i love peeta and cato and gale.. all the biyz in it are so hot!!! expecially liam hensworth….he is Autralian!!!



  • Becca

    This “out French braid” is called a Dutch braid. You go under the center piece instead of over(:

  • Foxface

    Luv the braid! Wore 2 school a few times, plus i did it on my friend. Looks better on my friend, though, b cause i could see what i was doing

  • Brie

    Nice!!!! I like pie :P


    I love the hunger games like crazy! I can do a regular “ 
    katniss french braid” on myself and its looks pretty much the same except for the “inner outer” thing. I have seen the movie 4 times. My goal was five in the theatre so I cant wait to see it again! TEAM PEETA! 

  • LaLaLaHungerGamesLover

    Ugh people are making TEAMS now -_- I agree with Brie, this isnt Twilight (the worst series ever), its The Hunger Games (the best trilogy ever)!

    • LaLaLaHungerGamesLover

      Sorry, I meant  dance1o1

  • Rue

     Team Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Dmn, that boi is fine!

  • Zoielovebug

    Omg I love to braid my hair so ya! I have a new stil

  • Amber-ray

    Rubbish it’s a reverse Dutch braid in the video it did an inny not an outty

  • Katniss Everdeen

    Team peeta ( gale is already like Katniss and his bomb possibly kills prim and opposites attract).

    • Louise Price


  • I love hunger games

    Omg I love the movie and I love this hair style I have long brown hair so when I do this I could be her stunt double so awesome you need to see the movie oh an prim dies in the third book

  • Hunger Games Friek

    I love the Hunger Games. I am going to where the braid tomorrow!

  • Jen

    It’s definitely an out braid, and I would say 4+ strands. Excited to try this for Halloween!

  • the mockingjay

    yo im on team gale

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