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Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!

24 Comments December 21, 2011 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Merchandise

If you hear the song “Let it Snow!” and think of a sinister old man that smells of blood and roses instead of fluffy white precipitation then these gifts are for you! Unofficial companion books, other awesome dystopians to fill that HG void, merchandise, hand-crafted gifts, jewelry: all will be a excellent addition to your last-minute shopping list or wish list!


 buy hunger games    Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!   hungergamestoteHunger Games Tote Bag

Check out this Hunger Games tote bag!  From the ParamountPacific shop at, this tote is perfect for going to school, the gym, or the first showing of the HG movie. This shop also has some other cool products like a “Keep Calm, Stay Alive” t-shirt and a Hunger Games Inspired Military Canvas backpack.


 buy hunger games    Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!   mockingjayshirt

Mockingjay T-Shirt

Next up, we have a Mockingjay Juniors T-shirt. If blue’s not your thing, there are four other Hunger Games inspired t-shirts to choose from, all with glowing customer reviews!





 buy hunger games    Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!   unofficialhungergamescookbook

Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook

The chocolate cake is what really drew my eye, but the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook looks pretty awesome as well! Cause let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to make lamb stew with dried plums? Or Peeta’s bread? It even has a wild game section for all you Katniss wannabees out there. If you can’t work up enough courage to skin a squirrel, however, there are plenty of other easy recipes for you to experiment with.


Melanie (Spectra) also found some cool Hunger Games gifts she wanted to share with you all!

 buy hunger games    Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!   hgtributemockingjaycharmbracelet

Hunger Games Charm Bracelet

A Hunger Games inspired charm bracelet I saw on , called the “Fire Starter -Hunger Games Tribute Story Inspired Locket Mockingjay Charm Bracelet”

I love this charm bracelet! I think it is unique because it really does tell the story with all the different charms representing pieces from the book, such as Peeta’s pearl and the music note to represent Rue’s song. Plus I think the Mockingjay charm is gorgeous!


 buy hunger games    Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!   hungergamesornamentmaybeHunger Games Ornament

What better way to instill the Hunger Games into the holidays than by decorating your tree with Hunger Games’ Christmas ornaments! Such a cheap and easy way to keep your excitement going for the Hunger Games over the busy holidays.


 buy hunger games    Dreaming of a Hunger Games Christmas? Last Minute Gift Guide!   mockinjayshoesHunger Games and Mockingjay Painted Shoes

Need I say more? These shoes are amazing!  Beautiful artwork on your feet AND representing your favorite books! A great gift, because I am sure no one else you know will have something like these on their feet!  Not only will it peak your friends’ interest, but it would be a great ice-breaker when meeting new people! Check out another pair created by a different artist, as well!

Melanie (Spectra)’s really got an eye for Hunger Games merch! There’s only 5 days left until Christmas so get out your green papers and buy these amazing gifts for a fellow Hunger Games fan, or drop a little not-so-obvious hint (try the wink-wink, nudge-nudge routine…works wonders) to your parents, grandparents, friends, or siblings !

I’m really liking that Mockingkjay shirt…a lot. Which one of these gifts would YOU like to see under your Christmas tree?

You can find more HG gifts at The Examiner.

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  • Melanie (Spectra)

    Can I just have it all? :)

  • Xavier Throgmorton


  • Rue’s Song

    “Wink, wink, nudge-nudge routine” I’ll try that. Thanks!

    • Dani Lore

      Please do. The ancient technique of wink-wink, nudge-nudge never fails…

  • BooksLover!

    I want that charm bracelet!! :)

  • Joshua Yamada

    I think I’ll get the shoes, those are sooo cool!

    • Chast Ruiz99

      I KNOW

  • shiregal

    Santa can bring them all to me! (wink-wink, nudge-nudge :)

  • Peetalover;)

    Where do u get it???

    • Dani Lore

      Get what? If you’re talking about the gifts, just click on the pictures or links in the descriptions and start shoppin’!

  • Jasmine

    I wish I could have received some or all of this stuff for Christmas, but I’m grateful for what I did get!!! :D

    • Dani Lore

      That’s the spirit. :)

  • Jibble

    How can I buy this stuff in the UK???

    • Dani Lore

      Unfortunately, the Hunger Games ornament and handpainted shoes don’t ship to the UK, but the pair of shoes created by a different artist (mentioned above) and the rest of the gifts do.

  • Victoriasophia99

    what store do u buy them at ?

  • Chast Ruiz99

     Could I have it all? PLEASE? :s

  • Anna

    I love wild game.  Especially deer.  I NEED THIS COOKBOOK!!!!!

  • Pearnu1

    Are the 3 glasses with the mockingjays on them for sale? Once I click the picture it disappears.

    • Dani Lore

      Unfortunately, they were sold. But if go to, you might find other handmade, one-of-a-kind products you might like!

  • Jacqueline

    I need the bag and bracelet!

  • bananazzz

    i like it all

  • the rich kid you wish you were

    Have it all my parents are rich and my parents bought me alll the hunger games things of on Amazon eBay walmart target thiz website and much more……..if you call me a jerk thx i know im a junior educated rich kid

  • Samantha Everlark

    really nice things *_*

    i want all!

  • rebecca

    i got a mockingjay pin

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