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Here’s the official full-length Hunger Games trailer in HD!

We also have links so you can download it from the Apple website as well as iTunes, and you can also view it on your iPad and iPhone in the official Trailers app!

  • You can watch and download it in 480p, 720p, 1080p and iPod/iPhone formats  on the Apple website
  • You can download it from the iTunes Store
  • You can watch it on the official Trailer app on the iPhone and iPad
  • iPhone:  hunger games trailer featured    Watch the Official Hunger Games Trailer in HD! Also Download through iTunes, iPad & iPhone App   badge appstore sm
  • iPad:  hunger games trailer featured    Watch the Official Hunger Games Trailer in HD! Also Download through iTunes, iPad & iPhone App   badge appstore sm

In a word, stunning! What do you think?

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  • Spectra / Melanie

    Does anyone else get a Quicktime error? I’m going mad not being able to watch it!

    • Krista

      I can watch the sneak preview but not the trailer :(

    • wolfsquad

      Apple is being real mean right now, I NEED TO WATCH!!!

  • dani

    doesn’t work :(

  • Anonymous

    I’m not having any luck, either :(

  • SKB

    I can’t get it to work!!! NOOOOOO!

  • Spectra / Melanie

    Thanks Will for the Update! At least we can watch the low-quality version until Apple gets things sorted out!

    • LMCullen


    • LMCullen

      i should be working!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL

      • Spectra / Melanie

        No, no you shouldn’t.  ;P

  • Soldiers Girl

    Only the sneak preview works. It will not let me watch the trailer. :(

  • Jenbroussard

    I want to watch it! :( come on itunes!

  • Melissa

    Amazing!!!! The trailer had so much we wanted to see without giving too much away… District 12, the reaping, calling on Prim, Katniss volunteering and Peeta and Katniss on stage taking notice to each other and their fate. The Capital looked like everything it should and more! I thought it was awesome to see the other tributes in training with Snow’s speech of what the Hunger Games are, really giving a great idea what this movie is about to the non-readers of the books. Then leading up to the arena where take take off, then cut away to the logo causing us to really want more – March can’t come soon enough!!!!

  • Mizarrow

    Wow!  This was powerful.  So well done that I feel as if I’m there with them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Spectra / Melanie

      It was powerful! So emotional! I am so excited!

  • Mary Masen


    IT LOOKS SO AMAZING!!!!!I love it so much!!! Cannot wait!!!!<3333

  • Hannah :)

    I absolutely love it!
    I also love the fact that at the end of the trailer they have the mockingjay call. :)

  • Kim

    I love it! Peeta looks really good.

  • kaliope

    OK, this totally made me excited again about the movie.  Looks FANTASTIC!!!  Love the scene where she is about to enter the arena…those few seconds already made me nervous!!!!

  • Msiow44

    Anybody else noted that the mockingjay pin is worn by Prim and she gives it to Katniss?  Or that they don’t seem to have the cornucopia in the centre of the circle as they first come up?

    • Melissa

      Yeah, I wonder if Madge is apart of the movies or not. I also didn’t see the cornucopia, but I’m hoping they just didn’t show it!

      • Spectra / Melanie

        Madge is not, that’s why we see Prim with it. :(

      • Beca

        They had to cut Madge from the script. If you think about it her character wasn’t really developed. She was one of my favorites but it would’ve taken too much to introduce her to the audience that hasn’t read the book. 

    • Jackielyn45

      They only showed some of the Tributes when they came up out of the ground. So I’m sure the Cornucopia is there along with the other tributes. Have faith! They seem to be sticking to the book really well!

    • Taylor12345

       The cornucopia is there. in the interview in US Gary Ross said that when they were building it it took the longest amount of time to make it right

  • Marianne Horstmann

    That was amazing! I felt so much emotion while watching it! INCREDIBLE!!!

  • peetafan<3

    -rolling on floor crying- <3<3

  • Beth

    I loved it! All of the bits I wanted like the rooftop scene and the emotion of the reaping were there. I also liked how near the end Katniss was shown on the tv, so we could see District 12 watching her blankly. And doesn’t Effie look great! Though with Haymitch it was odd not to see him acting a little more… drunk! Does anyone know who that guy is meant to be with black hair, a red collar and funny facial hair? He looked creepy.

    • Mizarrow

      That is the head gameskeeper–Seneca Cane?

      • Mockingjay


    • mintyqaz

      lol his beard was sick

  • Spectra / Melanie

    Ahhh I can’t. Stop. Watching!

    • Beth

      Me too, I’m addicted! Crazy seeing as I only read the books for the first time a few weeks ago. My sisters kept on badgering me to read them as they knew I’d love them, so when I went back home I read them all in a few hours! March is too far away.

    • Jaypat

      I finally got to watch it and I’m crying!!!!


      • Spectra / Melanie

        I know! I was sitting here with my hands over my headphones, you know to block out my son talking lol, and tears welling up in my eyes!

      • Will

        Dude my review is outrageous! I’ve been writing it since this morning! I love it!

        • Spectra / Melanie

          Eagerly awaiting it, Will!

          • Will

            Finally posted it!

    • Scott_kt

      This movie and concept is mentally deranged and amoral!

  • Mizarrow

    Watch this in slow motion—you really get to see the sets and everything else that gets missed at regular speed (the hatred in Cato’s eyes, the utter sadness in Gale knowing he can’t help Katniss, the look of admiration for Katniss in Rue’s eyes, the flames behind Katniss during the introductions.)  I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with some of the casting, but I take it back. Lenny looks great as Cinna.  Some of the best acting I’ve ever seen/heard.  Oh this is going to win so many awards!!!!!

  • Melissa

    After watching it 100 times, lol, anyone else notice you can see in the distance Katniss and Peeta on fire through the magnifying glass of the capital people?! So cool and exciting!!!!!!!!

    • Mizarrow

      Yes, I noticed it while watching  in slow-motion.  I’ll need to watch the movie oh a thousand times to take it all in.  :)

  • Josiahmorgan11

    This is the fifth time I’ve watched it.

  • Carmen

    OMG, I think I just stopped breathing!


    Can somebody please tell me what´s the song/melody they´re using in the trailer?

    (I don´t mean Rue´s whistle at the end)



  • Hamilton23


  • Nerea

    OMG, OMG OMG OMFG!!!! I’ve been waiting all the day to watch it now, and it’s just FREAKING AWESOME!!!! It couldn’t be more pefect. Now I have to watch it all over again aanad again. I’m going to Facebook, Twitter, everywhere to say how great this trailer was. I was confident that the movie would be loyal to the book, and well done. The 30 seconds teaser lookes great to me, and now… a full trailer… now I have no doubts that this movie’s gonna rock once it hits the theaters. Too bad we have to wait 1 month more here in Spain… I wanna see it now!!!

  • Rebecca Bretherton

    does anyone have any idea what the song is towards the end of the trailer??

  • Alyson

    …. leaving the room to go watch it….. so it can block me screaming “OMG!!!!!!! THIS IS EPIC!!!”

  • Anonymous

    Does somebody knows the music we can hear on the trailer? Just loved it.

  • Billie

    Full disclosure I have never read the Hunger Games. I heard of the books from my little brother so that kind of turned me off to reading them but that trailer was AMAZING! I feel myself getting sucked into a new fandom! I’m such a geek but I love it!

  • Celinamoli

    ok so im nt sure but is that katniss in the fire costume 1:31 cuz shes wearing black and theres flames behind her and then theres the chariot scene. idk guy let me know wat you think

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  • Alicia

    OH MY GOD. I have tears in my eyes!! It looks SO PERFECT. iNCREDIBLE. I really can’t breathe right now..or form coherent sentences

  • Hermygermy

    bring it!

  • LaLa

    It’s so AWSOME!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Liam

    HOLY CRAPPPP IM SO EXCITED!!!!! Im kinda disappointed about haymitches hair…… it looks really wierd.

  • Joshua Yamada

    I already watched it in HD and I still loved it!

  • Lynsey6125

    I’m a 66 year old woman and I couldn’t put these books down.   Trailer was awesome,  a movie NOT TO MISS.

  • David Gutierrez

    Ahhhh I can’t freaking wait for the movie MARCH23rd needs to come faster

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  • Rileyo78

    i like my image of katniss better and weres her mother????? well it good but the books r so better

  • Diamond Buyer Sydney

    A well actors working for this movie, love the movie
    “Watch the Official Hunger Games Trailer in HD! Also Download through iTunes, iPad & iPhone App ” The Game has turned a lot into movie. Great work by actors.

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