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See the Site Pictures of District 12 Including Peeta’s Family’s Bakery!

 peeta mellark josh hutcherson hunger games set hunger games news hunger games filming featured district 12    See the Site Pictures of District 12 Including Peetas Familys Bakery!   HenryRiver4


The site of District 12 was filmed in Henry River Mill Village, a vacant textile town located in North Carolina. The Charlotte Observer did a piece on the village showing many pictures, including two of Peeta and his family’s bakery, so take a look at the home town of District 12 in the upcoming The Hunger Games!

To see more pictures visit the Charlotte Observer!



[Source: Charlotte Observer and Photos by Jeff Willhelm] via DWTC

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  • Stacey Mardene

    These look great! Awesome set!

  • Violet Scott

    Oh My God……you guys…just took my breath away…..

  • crazy me

    gr8 setting! cant believe how perffect it looks, way 2 go! i must say i cant wait to see josh hutcherson as Peeta this movie is gonna be spectacular:)!

  • tobymiesterofouwsomenes


  • Jacinda K


  • Brandon

    rlly nice but bakery is rather diffrent then i imagend 

  • Kmckenzie980

    not how i imagined it, this looks more like an old colonial village. but its really great!

  • GoKatniss

    It’s really pretty and not quite what I expected, but if that house in the first pic is the bakery, it makes sense. When I read the book I pictured a richer-looking area for “town” – the merchants are better-off than those from the Seam. I’d also pictured the buildings as closer together, but it’s interesting to see how others imagined things.

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  • Dewittl

    It is an actual place not a set I drive by it almost every day. And it yes it is very awesome because I know where it is :) very creepy at night I must say.

  • Bjahnean

    That was really not what i expected. I thought they would be a lot closer together. Susanne collins just took my breath away with
    all three books i read.

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