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Rue’s Whistle to be a Song Instead?

MTV’s Hollywood Crush caught up with Amandla Stenberg at TeenNick’s Halo Awards for a video interview. Amandla talks about Rue’s whistle and how it will differ from the book. She says in the movie she sings the tune instead of whistling. What are the fans reactions? Let us know!

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  • Josiahmorgan11

    I personally don’t mind. As the make-up artist said, in movies some things HAVE to be different from the book

  • klayrahx7

    this song comes up when i get a text message! :D

  • Jj23_2007

    Considering in the book she sings the notes…it follows perfectly

  • Mockingjay Rebellion

    I hate this! I was looking forward to the whistle!!!!

  • Jj23_2007

    In chapter 16, rue describes how she is the highest in the trees so she has to signal the end of the work day. Then she opens her mouth and sings a 4 note tune. So it would be wrong for the movie to whistle it anyways

  • Spectra

    I’m actually really curious to see it as a song. I think her singing it will make it even that much more heartbreaking in the end.

  • Nerea

    I don’t mind if it’s a whistle, or a song. I think I’m gonna like it anyway. It’s just a small change, as long as they don’t change the most important things and keep the essence of the books, I’m fine. I understand they have to change some things to adapt the books into movies, and actually, a song is cool.

  • Peeta Mellark

    I like the idea of a song. I was complaining about how Katniss doesn’t have an orange backpack and how they dont have Madge in it, but I now can not wait till the movie comes out.

    • Leticia Sanagua

      Same here, movies r short but its your imagination on screen.

    • Cemckenna721

      but if madge isnt in it then how are they goning to continue the series?

  • Cadk_2013

    When u consider the history of the breeding the mockingbird and the jabber jay, I think it’s kinda stupid to make it a song instead of a tune. The mocking jay is supposed to be able to repeat rues song back to her, but the mocking jay is also not supposed to be able to repeat words.

  • Julia R.

    She sings the four notes in the book! What’s the difference? She doesn’t say that it’s a song, she just says that she sings the FOUR NOTES.

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