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Hunger Games Halloween: Get a Free Mockingjay Pumpkin Stencil for Your Jack-o’-Lantern

6 Comments October 11, 2011 by Filed Under: Featured, Hunger Games Halloween

 hunger games halloween featured    Hunger Games Halloween: Get a Free Mockingjay Pumpkin Stencil for Your Jack o Lantern   hunger games pumpkin 600x600This Halloween, you can carve your pumpkin with the Mockingjay symbol to show everyone your love for the Hunger Games .

While experts may want to freehand the design, the rest of us will probably opt for this free stencil from PinkRayGun.

If you make a Hunger Games-themed Jack-o’-Lantern, or wear a Hunger Games-inspired costume, be sure to post a picture in the comments or on our Facebook page!


Category: Featured, Hunger Games Halloween

  • Anonymous

    Is that a photoshopped carving?

    • Roseh87

      has to be…its crisp but at the same time, overlapped/blurry

  • Keekelkay

    also, if u look at the piece between the mocking birds chest and the middle of the arrow, how does it say up if u carve out the rest? Trust me, i tried on my own pumpkin!

  • Anna

    If you don’t cut out the actual bird or arrow then you instead cut out the rest then it stays!

  • Racerwind Champion

    Looks like some of it could be pen… Like the bird maybe. There’s no way that piece between the chest and arrow bodice could stay in on its own. If that is all carved, no PhotoShop or pen, the artist must be extremely skilled. I love the idea considering the fact that I idolise Katniss and am a complete Hunger Games fanatic, but I’d like to know how exactly the carver managed such an image… :S

  • cat

    this picture is photoshopped

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