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Catching Fire Official Release Date Announced! November 22, 2013

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 hunger games release date catching fire    Catching Fire Official Release Date Announced! November 22, 2013   catching fire movie release date 315x475The release date for the Catching Fire movie, the 2nd book in the Hunger Games trilogy, has been announced. Catching Fire will be released November 22, 2013, which is directly before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Santa Monica, CA, August 08, 2011– LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), a leading global entertainment company, announced today that it will release CATCHING FIRE, the film adaptation of the second book in Suzanne Collins’ runaway bestselling HUNGER GAMES trilogy, on November 22, 2013. The announcement was made by Joe Drake, co-COO of Lionsgate and President of its Motion Picture Group. No further details about CATCHING FIRE have been confirmed at this stage.

Said Drake of the date, “The magical thing about the Hunger Games trilogy is that the books have such a vastly broad appeal. The stories truly offer something for everyone, and the period around the Thanksgiving weekend is such an opportunity for families and friends to make an event of going to the movies.”

THE HUNGER GAMES is currently in production and will be released on March 23, 2012. THE HUNGER GAMES is directed by Gary Ross, and produced by Nina Jacobson’s Color Force in tandem with producer Jon Kilik. Alli Shearmur, President of Development and Production at Lionsgate, is overseeing the production on behalf of the studio. Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel, which has over 3 million copies in print in the United States alone, is the first in a trilogy of novels which have developed a global following.

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  • Austina Shaughnessy

    Yay really want to see what katniss’ wedding dress will look like and how they will portray it turning into something that looks like a mocking jay!

    • i<3boywiththebread

      OMG UR RIGHT!!!!!
      it will be gorgous

    • Aurora Tenut

      I really want Mocking Jay to come out this year!!!!! I <3 Peeta.

  • Andrea

    2013!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna have a heck of a struggle waiting for it to come out after the first movie! 

    • Hello_baby

      IKR! It’s like forever

      • ILOVEPEETA<3

        i watch the intervies and im just like NOOOOOOOOOOO. It has to come out NOW. i keep wondering about Johanna Mason… anyone else think Naya Rivera?

    • Lovekats


  • Adamgonzo98

    Nearly 2 years! Come on that’s way too long. Why tell the fans when the movie comes out ( two- ish years from today) if you just started production? Come on people we can’t wait that long!

  • Guest

    i love the books i just finished the mocking jay it wa the best i cant wait to see the movies ! i am so glad she married peeta but im mad that gale didnt come back for katniss

    • theycannot_takeit


    • HungerGamesFan#1

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO im team peeta all the way!

    • Lovekats

      I like how they have three kids in the end but are they married or just have kids together?

      • HG LOVER!

        They have 2 kids. The girl is the oldest.

    • Lovekats521

      Yes, I’m glad someone likes Gale (you) because Gale is good too but I liked Peeta’s personality and his love for Katniss he was so Unselfish!!

      • rebsi

        i like also ale more!:)

  • Chast Ruiz99

    i can not wait for catching fire and hunger games…i love the books..Are they going to do Mocking Jay???I want all the movies

    • nikole

      yes they plan to make 4 movies out of the 3 books. we assume that Mockingjay will be split into 2 parts much like the twilight sagas breaking dawn.

    • i love hunger games trilogy

      yes there are acctually going to be four movies. they havent said what one they are going to break up to make to but i am assuming it will be mockingjay they split up acourding to the hints.

    • *Rue*

      I herd Mocking Jay will be seperated into two parts!

  • Chast Ruiz99

    Did they Finish the Movie???

  • Chast Ruiz99

    2013 and 2012 is the year of the Hunger Games

  • PeetaLover

    I’m seriously going to be mad if its going to take 3 -4 years to finish these movies all as one.
    Mocking jay will prob be out in 2014.. Wow, thats along time.. They shouldn’t make Mockingjay into two parts, it’d be hard to do that with how the storys written.

    • Flamerager

      did anyone here finsih the whole series of the hunger games

      • POWELLGIRL14

        yes I am reading it (the series) for a third time

      • Lovekats

        YES!!!! I did they were all great especially Catching Fire!

      • Annnnnnnnna,25

        I did. The 2nd & 3rd movies are gonna be WAY better than the 1rst one

      • Rory

        Yep! I totally did. When people say they read the Hunger Games, it’s hard to tell if they mean just the first book or the whole trilogy, so I can see why you are asking.

    • Susan Kenny

      What about cutting it off right after the rescue mission is carried out and they find out the effect the Capitol had on Peeta (trying not to spoil too much here uhh..)

    • peetalove

      it would be ok because the first moive was kinda long so then they could fit more stuff in if it was just the first half

      • Lovekats521

        I was sad how much they cut out of the first movie like the big kiss at the end on stage and Peeta’s amputated leg I mean seriously what about Fulvia and Octavia and all the other prep team there was quite a bit that they took out. ALot  of it leads to the next two books. They better not do that in the other two movie’s

    • Lovekats

      Very true mockingjay was great so why do that?

  • Allie

    Yay!! Really want to see The Hunger Games in March. But, really pumped for Catching fire!

    • *Rue*

      I like Catching Fire more than the first one.You?

  • JMCasey13

    i love the 1st hunger games so i can’t wait to read and watch catching fire

  • Marco

    can’t wait just finnished the book it was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i <3 hunger games trilogy

    well hunger games is in march 2012, catching fire is in nov 2013, is macking jay gunna be in like 2014!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??! and what about the fourth movie. 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!! i wish they would juss have all of them out by like 2012 like end of year….. no doubt about the fact that im going to buy all the movies, i just ordered the books (even tho i read 2 already)

    • Katniss+peeta=>

      They have a fourth book out?????

      • hiyathere

        no, Mockingjay is going to be split into two movies

        • Jolan Rensen

          Again??? whyre they doing that to all movies?

          • Oscar

            so they can earn more money lol in some cases is a good idea like in harry potter and maybe whit the hunger games but sometimes is not like twiligth

          • lovekats

            I want to know the same thing Everyone is waiting why do that?

      • get a life

        all of you are wasting your fuucking lives responding to these messages! You are all noobs who should get a fricking life!!!!!!!!!!!! This book totally sucks and the movie does too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonimo

          you need to get a life and stop posting shit that nobody cares 

        • HungerGamesFan#1!

          were wasting our lives????!!!!!
          youre the one sitting on your computer going on sites of books and movies you hate thinking the world cares about your opinion. well you can go sit on your sad computer in your sad little life and bore someone else with your stupid petty complaints. have you wrote a book bigger than twilight and harry potter? i didnt think so!

      • Lovekats

        That is awesome if so I wish Suzanne Collins would write more I mean they have kids now why not she could do so much with more books!!!

    • Tazjr_3

      It would make most sence to make the split inbetween two and three around the quter quel

    • Oscar

      well if you think about it is like a year and 8 monts so if the release of the 3 movie thake that long it is going to come out about july of 2015  and if the make mockingjay in 2 movies the second part  is going to come out in march of the 2017 but if the make the time of one year like is supossed to be because the games are every year  it would be vere 
      may the odds be ever in our favor

    • HungerGamesFan#1!

      there is no 4th book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Millermaggie8135

        Third book is going to be two parts!

        • Lovekats

          Oh just great I didn’t want that to happen seriously we aren’t going Twilight of Harry Potter? I mean really?

    • Lovekats

      There is no fourth movie only three books so three movie’s

  • Shiah;)

    I freaking cannot wait for this movie to come out an the hunger games!! I love the series and read it about a thousand times! I hope that they don’t ruin the movies in comparison to the books, they have some pretty high standards to meet.

  • Rainez22

    I <3 all of the books and can't wait 2 c them. Can't wait 2 c hunger games at midnight when it comes out

  • Leahrossiter

    I’m 10 (11 in 3 days) and am going w my friends on midnight to bad it’s on a Thursday though sleepover after still:)

  • Christian

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to watch catching fire!!!!!!!!! But that’s almost 2 years crap……..

  • Annie Cresta

    This proves the world won’t end in 2012

    • Kelsy

      No it dosen’t! It could end before the movie even come out

      • Flamerager

        the world might not end in 2012 that is just what the sciencetist believe but they are wrong

        • Luke

          Well, you’re completely misinformed… But there is always a chance that the world could end at any given moment.

          • Katherinegrullon

            I don’t wanna die!!!!

      • Missljk

        that is true and why is every one picking a team i would know who to pick plus i want the movie to be out this year it is soooooooooo unfair!!!!!!!!

    • Av7

      Yeah you’re right, the world cannot end before the premiere of Mockingjay, everybody knows that.

      • Aurora Tenut


  • Charlenep951


    • itastechili

      oh god dont make this into twilight….

      • Sablink1

        the world will not end in 2012, it will change dramatically but it will not end. They think because the myans didn’t write after 2012 it’s all over, err wrong, something is gonna happen but nothing to do with dying, it could be political or universal like stocks and shit thats all they predicted

        • Dawn

          Only God knows when the world will end. Jesus didn’t even know. No man– Mayan or whatever– knows when the world will end. It’s ridiculous to even consider it.

        • Smashly

          Uh, the myans didn’t account for leap years which were introduced into modern calanders just a few hundred years ago. So the end of the world should have happened mid summer 2011. Nice  of you to buy into some more y2k bs.

          • I-like-cheese19

            they didn’t account for the leap year, true, but when they read the calendar we accounted for it so the 2012 thing is still correct

          • I love Josh hutcherson

            Whoever thinks the world will end in 2012 you are crazy

      • peetalove

        you  just did

      • Lovekats521

        I know thats what I say I hate twilight like we need to make into that and Ruin the best books and movie’s

      • bodhi

        agreed dont make into twilight i had nothing to do with that movie

    • Hello_baby

      Team Peeta all the way!

      • TEAM GALE1!!!!

        NO WAY!!! TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

        • Lilknitbag

          I think weall agree its peeta

          And no ones mentioned josh hutcherson!

          • Smashly

            Ehh, I imagined someone bulkier and a bit more attractive to play Peeta. I don’t believe Josh Hutcherson could lift 10 lbs let alone 100.

        • rebsi

          yeah! team gale!:D

      • Oscar

        stop doing these shit about teams this is no twiligth if you  want to do that shit about teams do that on that shit called twiligth not with the  hunger games 

        • Lovekats521

          Join the club I say the same thing

          • rebsi

            mee too:)

        • Smashly

          Calm down buddy. You can make your point without swearing every other word. Yes, seperate and NOT equil. Everyone agrees that The Hunger Games are superior.

      • I love Josh hutcherson

        This is not twilight she ends up with peeta

      • Team PETTA <3

        Yes baby yes !

    • Guest


    • Dsfghj

      same! gale is a loser

      • Lovekats521

        PSSH… Whatever he just loses his BEST FRIEND for a short time Gale is good in book one and especially two

        • Smashly

          Gale stops talking to Katniss. He lives in another district.

          • Linseystouder

            well would you really want to stay when all he thinks that she thinks about is peeta? Cause, c’mon, in CF, all she does is worry about Peeta. & you dont think that affects Gale at all?    ….(-_-)

          • Team PETTA <3

            I know that’s why I hate gale now I feel like he thought katniss wint crazy so he left her and pettathe only one that cared came back too and had two lovely kids with katniss
            ( oh and don’t be calling me a spoiler you guys should read all the books befor calling people spoilers

          • rebsi

            i know….. he knows that katniss didnt have a choise, gale or peeta…

        • rebsi

          i agreee! :) and i think gale is also good:)

      • Jadey 119

        he is not. Peetas interesting but Gale is hot

        • UNANIMOUS


          • Lisnesytoude

            /josh hutcherson is hideous.

          • Rachel


          • Peetalover

            I HATE YOU!!!!!He’s one of the hottest boys ever!!

          • rebsi

            calm down

          • Aurora Tenut

            He definetly is…..

      • Smashly

        Gale is just not right for Katniss. Peeta reminds her there is still good in the world. That humanity doesn’t mean cruelty. And Gale is kinda crazy. I think even in book two, definately in three.

      • Linsey(:

        your a loser.

      • rebsi

        no! peeta dosent do als momst anything to win the games, he just tries to save katniss……………..

    • Team PETTA <3

      Omg yes !!
      team petta

  • Ma Bess17

    i want to see finnick

    • TEAM GALE1!!!!

      I know!! Me too!! He better be like…. Smokin hottt!!!!!!!!;)

      • i<3boywiththebread

        I feel bad for annie though shes like…. mentally messed up
        And (spoiler) to make it worse for the poor girl, he dies

        • Lovekats521

          I know right!!! It’s so sad I love finnick’s personality!

        • ana

          I think the same!! I felt so bad when finnick died , I as in love with that caracter.. I didnt fell in love with Gales though

          • BELIEVE

            i know me tto i did not like gale either i mean i didnt hate him but i was not in love with him as i was with peeta and finnick i really got in love with those guys and y really cried when finnick died and when peeta turned into a crazy boy

          • rebsi

            yeah:( but i liked gale!:D

        • sahaiatafaacaea

          At least she has her and Finnick’s baby for company….

          • BELIEVE

            jjaja yeah they should make another book ¡¡

        • Kaylin Schadwil

          I know after they get marryed and everything

      • Blue

        u obviously havnt read all of the books

      • Kiiimberley

        Sam Claflin has been cast as finnik :)

      • Olivia

        I am with u. He has to be hot so there can be a team if finnick

      • Ilovethehungergames

        like Justin bieber lol yeah right

    • Lovekats521

      I know I want to see finnick too I am just sad he dies in MOcking Jay Finnick’s Pregnant card on Katniss is Hilarious I say all of him is hilarious!

      • Clohi Halaer

        omg! spioler alert!

    • Addisonlovesaqua

      meeeee tooooo

    • Holly

      That is exactly what I have been telling everyone xD I just want to see who they have chosen to play Finnick. He is by far one of my top 3 favorite characters. ♥

    • Karii !

      iKr! He Gotta Be Like Killer Sexy…

  • Dream Love1517

    Whos the cast?


      Get a frickin life you nerds/turds! do something better than this

      • Peeta/JoshIsSexy.

        WTF. You get a life. Are you even doing anything better? No you’re not, in fact you’re actually doing something worse. ‘Nerds/turds’ obviously someone isn’t educated.  

      • Rickett5

        Why is someone who isn’t interested in these books / movies posting on this site…?????? Just saying.

      • sarcastic16

        lol total twi-fan^

  • Countryurl38

    That is too far away!!!!!:(

  • HungerGamesFan#1!

    soo excited for the second movie! i cant wait for my mockingjay pin bracelet to arrive!

    • Lovekats521

      I know where are they going to sell them at?

  • Jason Singleton

    the mayans just ran outta freakin room! they had a circular calender!

  • HungerGamesAlwaysNforever

    shut da fuck up. yer a hatin ass bitch sayin we wastin our damn lifes on here replying to comment?! bitch whos da one on here posting comments? you are! yur a damn hypocrite! and why does it matter to you why were on here posting comments? you think were wasting our life? i dont see why it matters to you but since it apparently does let me just say let us do wat da hell we wanna do we can sit on da fuckin computer all day long “wasting our lives” posting comments u dont like it? OH WELL!!! deal with it bitch and shut da fuck up. u think da fuckin books sucks and da movie? den why da hell u on da site? yur a dumb ass bitch get some common sence! next time u wanna talk shit make sure it actually makes sence kuz yur just making yurself look like a damn fool!

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  • HungerGamesLover#1

    To all you losers telling us to get a life. You get a life!!!!! Why are you even on this site if you are just gonna hate?? Huh??

  • Everlymaiya

    Just saw the movie:)!!!!!

  • wubwubdubstep544

    The movie was released 3 days ago. There is no way they can know this!

  • aarnold

    i want to be apart of the most amazing triligy ever (i wanna play a roll in catching fire) if you want the same  like this

    • aarnold

      btw i can act in just talking but emotion acting i cant learn i am willing.

      • aarnold

        i can learn srry about the typo

        • Dawn

          Well, I hope you act better than you articulate.

    • Abel

      You wish, sorry but the chances of you getting to be in Catching Fire is 1 in 10000000000000000

    • entoxicated

      hey guys if any of you guys like peeta your sadly mistaken because katniss is the hottest girl ever:)

      • bodhi

        yah thats what u think Peeta is awesome i wish i could be like him

  • TEAM GALE1!!!

    I am excited!!! But I am TEAM GALE all the way!!!….and 2 years is long!! And I am mad Gale didn’t come back for his TRUE LOVE!!! I never wanted Katniss to marry Peeta!! Especially when she kissed Gale in the woods that one time!!! They are meant to be together!!!!!……uhhhh, I am very mad right now!!!!!!!

  • hungergamesrocks

    can everyone stop with the team please. this is not twilight, dammit!!

    • Lovekats

      You rock I know what your saying I’m so with you!!

  • Freak_outr

    k seriously dont turn an amazing trilogy into something as stupid as twilight! oh god they better not sparkle! -.-

    • Lovekats


  • PeetaIsMyMan<3

    I love Peeniss!!! <3 (Peeta Katniss <3)

  • B Ballchick2535

    Only God knows when the world is gonna end. ! 

  • Team shut the **** up

    i will seriously flip if a bunch of pathetic teen girls make this like twilight. this is a bad ass movie series… dont mess it up 

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  • Jessmarli

    Any chance the actors will make their way to Australia ? Would love to get the chance to meet them !!!

  • Peeta♥

    Forreal people, Twilight doesnt own the “teams” thing. “Teams” have been used wayyyyy before Twilight and will continue too. I know the fans of Twilight started using teams, but really, WHO CARES?!?!?!

  • Tarra

    I read these books like 2yrs ago. The movie was good but nothing is ever as good as the books. To help you thru the time waiting for the catching fire movie to release, try reading the Divergent Trilogy. If you like Hunger Games I think you’ll really like Divergent too the second book in the series is being released May  1st.

  • Dawn

    Yup, there’s nothing but a bunch of kids on this post. Not even ONE intelligent conversation about the books…

  • HungerGames!!

    Im so excited for it! I only wish it was sooner but maybe it’ll some how go out sooner.

  • Mcdonaldrose89

    Why does it have to be so far away! It almost two years away! I know it takes a while to make an amazing movie and I’m not saying I’m mad about the date. But wont the actors look older by the time it comes out and they are already in their twenties?

  • LoveChangesTheGame

    I saw the movie today and it was the most amazing movie i ever seen katniss and peeta should go out i think in the end of just actin like she like him that she actually started to but you can see it katnisses eyes tht she truly loves gale i hop they use peeta (josh hutcherson) for the next movie

  • Riley

    NO WAY. TEAM KATNISS!!!!!!!!!



  • Ssharp2015

    I love the movie and the books!!!!!!

  • Smile

    We all know that The Hunger Games Trilogy is absolutely INCREDIBLE, so why is everyone fighting over who is better?  We all have our own opinions, so if you are team anything, it is fine and good for you.  Don’t get into silly arguments over someone else’s beliefs.  Seriously people.  And sorry if you don’t agree with my words, just my opinion.  And I agree with everything that everyone said about how great the series is and go along with the questions you have about the movies coming up.  And as a reply to someone’s comment, Gale wanted Katniss to be happy and be with the person she couldn’t survive without.  Gale said this meaning it to be Peeta.  

    • Abel

      That is so true don’t turn hunger games into something gay by saying team Peeta or team Gale or anything like that ,that sh$t is what turned twilight gay, well we all know Twilight is gay own, but people are going to start that sh$t with hunger games then eventually they’ll make a gay funny version like they did twilight they turned that into vampires suck or breaking wind, do you really want to go to Wal-Mart and see that some idiot has made tributes suck or breaking panem

  • Vanessayoung

    i think it should come out on november 9 2013 dont you

    • Abel

      Is that your birthday

  • 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠💔


  • Abel

    You wish, sorry but the chances of you getting to be in Catching Fire is 1 in 10000000000000000

  • Jobryan205

    Why would they release it on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination? There has to be some sort of reason, otherwise they wouldn’t release such a specific date over a year in advance. Almost seems a bit insensitive. 

  • Crystalf_27

    Catching Fire should come out in theaters SOONER  than November 22, 2013

  • Girl On Fire

    team peeta all the way!!
    though gale does draw attention he is nothing compared to Peeta!!
    people are saying that Zac efron should play finnick
    and the morphling twins should be rob pat and lindsey lohan

    SO SAD that annie is left alone and finnick dies!!
    Jeniffer Lawrence is the best Katniss there could be
    she fits the role perfectly and is so cute with PEETA!!!

  • Gloriahnb

    Noo its so far away

  • Miasevillano123

    I loved the first book and movie on the second book just got it saturday and almost done with the book cant wait until catching fire comes out in theaters …next year needs to hurry upp

  • Peetaaloverr!!

    Cant wait until november 22,2013!!

  • Snapples

    ummm peeta is week and small and ugly ! gale is the way 2 go. I think Finnick is the best.

  • Kirisuto

     After all she’s been through, Katniss should get to keep both Peeta & Gale.
    Let’s be open-minded in the future…

  • katniss rules!

    guys the world won’t end and stop doing team gale team peeta it’s all just stupid but if we were to do teams i would choose gale but…………………………..

    • Ryssapryslak

      im with all of them… and its team finnick

  • primrose everdeen

    you guys should read the books before you choose teams because (spoiler alert) she marries peeta even though in the second book it says she chose gale so yeah learn to read people!

  • H0lyxmackr3l

     The fact that Prim died really upset me. The whole thing started so Katniss could save her! I was so upset and just about to get super angry at the book because I didn’t think Gale would live or Peeta would recover, then Katniss killed Coin and her and Peeta ended up together anyway- I kinda wish Gale was still best friends with her though  and that Prim lived and all was well but! It was a super wonderful twist ending and I wish there was more! I don’t wanna wait so long for the next movie. xD! The books are SOOO GOOOOOOD. :D I personally love Peeta and woulda sided with him any day.

  • guest

    I say if you are gonna argue teams I say team Katniss. After all she is the star, you need to read all the books who does she end up with and they both go through hell and still find their way back to each other.

  • Zorra

    The Mayans didn’t account for Leap Year. So WE have already passed their predicted end date of the world and can all relax. 

  • lovejosh

    estoy muy feliz no puedo creer que ya pusieron fecha para que se estrene la peli ,e lei todos los libros y no puedo esperar a las peliculas, ademas josh hutcherson es hermoso y lo amo,
     alguien sabe  si va a haber un cuarto libro?

  • Gabriela72093

    I love all the books , and I would also would like to be apart of the movie . Lol love the books so much that I will not let my kids touch them. That’s bad right?

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  • Juliettsanchez


  • zaakira ahmed

    EVRYBDY CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think they r all equally hot… gale as a “brother” and peeta as a hubby… NO?!?!?!?!?!

  • Emma Cole

    Omg I just found out im now half way thru the 3rd book ITS AMAZING I love the second book and I cant wait to see who plays Johanna shes one of my fav characters OR Annie the wierd girl…. She gets married to Finnick in the 3rd one!

  • Emma Cole


  • Mlkroezed99

    What?!? I have to wait till’ next year?!?!?

  • Addisonlovesaqua

    I wonder when the trailer will come out?
    Btw people stop making fake trailers!!
    Team peeta

  • Jade

    Jus Cant Wait to see Catching Fire :) Luv The Books and Peeta <3 Obsessed LMAO

  • missljk

    omg have you seen josh hutcherson (peter) in zathura he is soooooooooo young omg

  • cchey

    i heard they are going to split it into to four movies. :( i say just leave it a 3 movies

    • missljk

      why what is the point everyone is doing that it is to get more money well a least it will last longer

  • Ashleigh Chocolate-Rose Park

    I WANNA BE IN DA MOVIE like i wanted to be in the HARRY POTTER movies when i was mad bout them. i HATE twilight though. IT’S THE HARDEST BOOK TO READ EVA CAUSE IT’S SO BORINg

    • missljk

      i agree but not about twilight i love that

  • teampeeta

    who doesn’t love finnick? i love how he acts all seductive in the books. it’s hilarious!!!

  • teampeeta

    who doesn’t love finnick! he better be really hot.

  • Dhii!!

    I was really hoping that the second movie will be released this coming March.. ;(

  • MrsMellark

    how far away is that……… that is so bad why will they want to drag it out for so long :(

  • tynisha

    i love it when finnick says ” do you find this distrating”

  • nina

    i just hope that they stick to the book this time. the hunger games movie was nothing like the book. the movie and the book are to different. If you want the movies to match stick to the book made for a very upsetting movie.

  • elizabeth orgo

    why oh why do we have to wait soooooooo long for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i wnat to bee in it

  • no name

    Wow!!! The comments below are ridiculous. Keep in mind that the actors in the movie are actors not Peeta and Gail. Gail was a good friend to Katniss and her family for years helping get them food when Katniss was in the games for example. Peeta was in love with Katniss for years. He accepted that he would never kill her therefor he was ready to die in the first game. He came back from being hijacked in the third book to realize what was real and not real. Thats true love. There is foreshadowing in the first novel when Gail tells Katniss that hunting people isn’t different from hunting animals in the woods. It is different or should be. Gail became obsessed with war and developed weapons to target those (medical help) who came into help other hurt in battle. Thats Gail never meant those weapons to kill certain people but they did.
    Any way looks are not everything….and at least Peeta have the guts to say he loved her.

  • bodhi

    cheese i cant wait that long! i want to see it nowwwwwwwwwwww

  • remi

    so excited about the next movie of the hunger games. i’m a big fan. i love the hunger games book. my 3 favorite charaters are peeta and katniss and prim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lala

    cant wait im die-ing for it to come out

    • lala

      i hope they see this commet

  • aaaaa


  • Team Peeta

    I want it to come out now I’m super stoked to see it I read al 3 books and #2 is the best and #3 is the 2nd best. Can’t wait!!! I really hope Finnick he better be SMOKING HOT!!! :)

  • lindsey brown

    Can’t wait the hunger games was one of the best things I have ever read!

  • Moo Fish

    birthday party next year! gonna wear my hunger games necklace!!

  • Black

    The good thing is that finnickdies until the las book not on the second.:-D

  • jennav

    I read book one and two, starting book three next week….. Team peeta all the way, he is so friggin hot. I wish catching fire was available to watch now :’( go katniss, she will rise up and take down the capitol. Katniss rocks

  • [email protected]

    I cant wait to see GALE!!!!! <3!!

  • kenny biggs

    i really doubt i’m gonna see that i didn’t like the book so i’m probably not going to like the movie

  • District12Tribute

    Cant Wait. wooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harrypotterobssesser21

    i kno im the harry potter OBSSESSER, but i really luv the hunger games 2 and i REALLY want the trailer 4 catching fire. and yes, finnick IS hot!!!

  • Kaleigh


  • Team Petta!


  • Mgdandme

    Oh My God… November!?!?!?!?!?! I can’t wait that long! :*(

  • Matt

    I was Peeta’s stand in for the first 2 weeks during the filming in Hawaii. It’s gonna be an epic movie.

  • dylan

    just started reading the 2nd book but wanna see movie to like o did with the first one read book then see movie

  • Shyla

    I love hunger games peeta!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Malnati

    Can’t wait for the movie, sooo excited, but wish there were 12 Books !! LOL

  • Peetalover



    omgg…. im totally dieing i cant wait and yes¡¡¡ i wanna see finnick and everybody and OMG…. i cant believe it


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is amazing

  • Finnick and Annie Odair

    I loooove Finnick so much!! Why did he have to die? I didn’t really like or hate Gale either, but I just loooove Finnick! It’s so sad though, because he and Annie had just gotten married and now she’s all alone :((((

  • Finnick and Annie Odair

    Don’t you think Emma Watson would be a good Madge too? And why wasn’t Madge in the first movie? She was supposed to give Katniss the Mockingjay pin!!!

  • Finnick and Annie Odair

    I can’t believe Prim died too. Prim? WHYYYY?

  • Finnick and Annie Odair

    I also wanna see the Mockinjay wedding dress! I can’t believe Cinna is dead. Why are all the best characters dead? Rue, Cinna, Finnick, Prim……

  • rebe

    i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • HappyHungerGames

    Ok so when do the tickets go on sale

  • fuck saying guy

    fuck the hunger games

  • fuck saying guy

    just kidding

  • fuck saying guy

    im gonna katniss all yah butts with a bow

  • Hungergamesnerd157

    November better come quick

  • Kate Page Maire Miller

    I want to see peta and he better be hott

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