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OFFICIAL: Francis Lawrence will Direct Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

8 Comments November 1, 2012 by Filed Under: Featured, Francis Lawrence

 francis lawrence featured    OFFICIAL: Francis Lawrence will Direct Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2   francis lawrence mockingjay 1 2
Francis Lawrence, the director that replaced Gary Ross to direct Catching Fire, has been confirmed as the director of both Mockingjay parts one and two.

Lawrence previously directed Water for Elephants and I Am Legend as well as videos for Beyonce and Janet Jackson.

Category: Featured, Francis Lawrence

  • :(

    NOOO we havent even seen his work for hunger games yet :( wat if he has a completely different interpretation? :’(

    • Lily Rose

      I welcome the change. Perhaps Mr. Lawrence won’t be so enamored with shaky camera syndrome.

      • Miss T.

        I think whatever he does will be fine. It’s like being graded in art class at school! You may like it but your teacher may not, and in this case we are the teacher. So let’s just wait and see!

  • Mary Masen

    Catching Fire isn’t even out yet and LIonsgate has already confirmed that he’s directing the final 2 movies? That means their collaboration must have been so good that they don’t want to lose him. That’s great news! Congrats Mr. Lawrence!

    • Miss T.

      Your picture is of Bella and Edward! Why?! This is HG, silly! lol =D

      • Mary Masen

        I comment on other sites too, and since the final Twilight movie release is near, I’m all things Twilight right now. :)
        I had Katniss as an icon from until last May, just FYI.
        This time next year, it will be a Finnick icon, trust me! :D

  • Miss T.

    Good luck Mr. Lawrence! I know you’ll do great! After all, the Harry Potter movies were directed by different people and they did just fine! Can’t wait for your movie!

  • sag

    Mockingjay parts 1 and 2?????? the book isn’t even long enough to make two movies!!!! i’m so sick of hollywood and their constant need to JUST MAKE MORE MONEY!! and the release dates are always so far away between them!!!! i swear to God that i’m going to see all of the movies when they decided to release them and i’m not even going to pay a goddamn movie ticket! i’m just going to illegally download it!! if only more people would do the same!!! this isn’t fair!!

    (Esp) Sinsajo partes 1 y 2?? el libro ni si quiera es lo suficientemente largo para hacer dos películas!! estoy harta de hollywood y su necesidad constante de SOLO HACER DINERO!! y de paso las fechas de lanzamiento están siempre tan alejadas la una de la otra!! les juro por Dios que voy a ver todas las películas cuando estén todas completas y ni si quiera pagaré una entrada de cine! la descargaré ilegalmente! si tan sólo mas gente hiciera lo mismo!! no es justo!!

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