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Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 Movie Release Dates Announced!

 mockingjay part 2 mockingjay part 1 featured    Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 Movie Release Dates Announced!   mockingjay part 1 part 2 300x200Lionsgate has announced the release dates for the final two films in the Hunger Games saga, with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 to hit November 21, 2014 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 on track for November 20, 2015. This follows the November 22, 2013 release of Catching Fire.

Three Novembers in a row with new movies! What more could you ask for?


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  • Mary Masen

    By the time they start filming Mockingjay Part 2 (summer-fall 2014) I will be old enough to travel to the set and maybe be an extra on the film! *fingers crossed*

    • Ani

      How old do you have to be?? maybe we could be extras together :)

  • Lill

    I’m not that sure if this is a good idea.

  • Steven Walker

    I understand that there is a lot of book and so little time for the movies, but I still don’t think splitting the movie up is a good idea! The only possible, natural split would be when Katniss decides to go to District 2 to help. I don’t believe that there is a strong enough plot in the first part to make a movie of. What would it be? Becoming the Mockingjay? Rescuing Peeta? Getting comfortable in District 13? What would the climax be?

    • Will

      The reason I’m excited for the split is they’ll be able to show large parts of the war outside of Katniss’s POV.

    • lbrooksync

      I think they could split it when Peeta tries to strangle Katniss, that is a very cliffhanger moment

      • Natalie

        That’s what I was thinking. It would be a good part to leave everyone wanting more.

        • Abbey

          that wut i was thinkin omg soooo excited i feel like crying (yeah i know im obsessed nd crazy)

      • S0phiaxoxoPEETA

        thatz wat i was thinkin too but then i would say the moviw would be quite boring cuz all katniss does is cry over peeta ik like who wouldnt its Peeta?!?!i guess ummm… idk????????maybe theylll put all the detalis and maybe that is wat is gonna make the movie awsommme……..who knows aaaa now im thinkin about wen they tourture PEETA aaaaa poor peeta i love him maybe thats wat theyll doo detail it there??????????who knows for right we should just focus on catching fire AAAA cant wait for that one

      • Abbey

        YES! That would be fantastic if they ended part 1 like that!!

        • Riley

          It would be a good cliffhanger but I hate cliffhangers, especially ones you have to wait a year for. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m 13 know and I’ll be 15 (a year from getting my L plates) and that’s when they all will be out. -.-

    • thependragons<3

      I understand what you are saying. I also wonder the same thing

      • Rue

        Me too…

    • Ani

      They could also add parts that weren’t in the book… but make them similar to what would happen in the book

    • cc rienna

      a dide with some sanity

    • I´m Katniss, Peeta kiss me ;)

      You know I think they´ll split it when Peeta tries to strangle Katniss, that is a very cliffhanger moment and it´ll give excitment and everyone will be like WTF happened to peeta??!! that is what they want…

    • LuvJones14

      SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! What about the part were Petta sees Katniss for the first time and she goes in for the hug and he doesn’t… SPOILER ALERT !!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!

  • S0phiaxoxoPEETA

    uggg i cant wait that long CALMdown OK NOW IM BREATHING im jst telling myself its gonna go by fast and i know that but at the moment its to far but they are just spliting them to make more money but its gonna be worth it once i see PEETA on the screen!?!?!XD right!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo

    • Rue

      Calm down, take deep breaths. If you try not to think about it, the time will pass way quicker than if you did think about the movies. Thats what i did for the first movie. Trust me, it works.

      • S0phiaxoxoPEETA

        hahaha thxz

    • mwhahahahahahaha

      it’s just peeta…. what’s there to be excited about?

      • Teampeeta

        What is your problem? He is amazing DUH

        • Seanybadger

          Team peeta? oh dear lord, it’s been twilighted. Leave twilight thing with twilight, don’t bring teams into this.

    • I´m Katniss, Peeta kiss me ;)

      YEAHH!!!! I die for peeta/Josh he is the best ever!!! xxx

  • thependragons<3

    soo excited

  • SamM


    • SamM

      **a junior

      • Rue

        **in 7th grade

        • Rue

          i will be…… 13!!! O.O

    • Jakory

      Ill be a senior.

  • Volumnia

    oh my god, i’ll be in college by the time mockingjay part 2 comes out *le cries*

    • I´m Katniss, Peeta kiss me ;)

      i agree :(

  • PeetaForEvuh!

    I know it’s just like Harry Potter and Twilight, but so what? There is A LOT of info and events going on in Mockingjay, It’s just so many details and so many things to put into just one movie. I think it’s a great idea (:

    • Rue

      no offense, but i dont like Twilight all that much….

      • Rue

        I HATE Twilight, no offense Twilight lovers!

        • Abbey

          Twilight is okay but I HATE THAT PEOPLE WHO COMPARE IT TO THG!! and Bella to Katniss because what does Bella do? Nothing! What does Katniss do? survives two terrible games, fights starvation and heaps of other stuff

          • I´m Katniss, Peeta kiss me ;)

            Sicerly talking Bella cries because she doesnt want to hurt nor edward neither jacob, while katniss fights and protects what she cares about….. so Bella is like useless… *NO OFENSE; MY OPINION

  • Katniss4Ever123

    People here have got a point the first part won’t be that exciting… But they’ll probably add in really good information that wasn’t in the book. I don’t want them to change the whole thing beyond recongnition but I think it would be good for them to add other bits in to really put everything in perspective. I also hope that because Mockingjay is being split into 2 parts, it won’t be like a summary of the book, like I thought the first movie was. I hope they don’t miss out any memorable quotes, like they did with the first movie eg “who can’t lie Peeta” and “Survive”. Again I hope they don’t miss out small but funny or interesting scenes and features, like they did in the first movie eg they missed out the scene with the sleeping syrup and the fact that the mutts were made to be like the dead tributes. Anyway, I’m glad they released the dates i’ve already got them set in my calender.

    • I´m Katniss, Peeta kiss me ;)

      i agree ;)

  • Liza

    I’d rather wait for the second one to come out than them feel pushed and not exaggerate every detail possible!

  • christina

    im not sure i want them to wspilt up the last movie…


    Yeah i agree with u guys.. splitting the movie is kinda good and kinda not so good… i mean may as well have it spilt and not crammed into one.. but then again no ones gonna have the patience to wait for part 2..!! AHH.. i cant wait!!! AND, i love peeta and all.. but im kinda hoping they show the torturing scene.. :S

  • TeamPeeta

    they should split the movie up when they find out that peeta is apart of the team, perfect timing, you see peeta walking and the last thing you see is katniss’s face
    also I am soooo happy because my birthday is in November the 22nd so I have part of my birthday planned out for the next few years which is good!!!!!!!!

  • Rue

    This is just my opinion, but i think that splitting Mockingjay into 2 parts would be a real hassle, because they have to know where to end the first part, start the second part…. you know?

  • microgal56

    I think this is where Hollywood is going movies. They tried it with the last Harry Potter and made gobs of money; now they’re doing it with Breaking Dawn and (apparently) Mockingjay. My biggest complaints: 1) TONS of people sat through Titanic, which is easily 3 1/2 hours in one shot – why wouldn’t anyone think we’d sit through 3+ hours of any of the books-turned-to-movies? 2) Why are movie studios waiting ONE YEAR between parts 1 & 2??? Six-seven months seems to be ideal – release part 1 in November, part 2 in June (when kids are out of school). The DVD will be released before part 2 comes out (which everyone will buy so they can get caught up), so they’ll still be making their precious money, and the fans won’t have to wait a year to see the conclusion :P

    • i<3tswizzle13:)

      So true. A year is wayyyyyyyyyy too long of a wait between part one and two.

      • Sardorjon

        yeah dude its really long time to wait. i agree with you. and i have no pations to wait 1 year for only part ONE! :(

    • jennjoefowler11

      i would sit all day for it…wayy too long if they make it a cliff hanger movie :/

      • Jakory

        Giving a year between movies gives them time to shoot and edit it. If they dont take the time they need to make the movie, itll turn out shizzy and no one will want to see it.

        • Pappin

          The answer is they want to make gobs of money at our expense. Titanic would have made twice as much money if everyone had to pay 2x to see it. Not sure if they would have gone for it. It is easier after you’ve sat through 2 movies to feel you have to see it finished and so we shell out the extra. Even the books are written now to drag these things on. Harry Potter could have easily been a much smaller book and only one movie. Lots of repetition in that one.

          • Kasidy

            I also agree with u!

        • Kasidy

          I agree with you!

      • pea

        that’s just how the book ended tho. they do that so you will be more excited to see the next film or read the next book

    • Rue

      i have to agree with you, microgal56. it is a shame they are splitting up Mockingjay.
      also, no offense Twilight lovers out there, but i HATE Twilight series. I haven’t seen Titanic, though i want to SO bad! :O and i am only 12 years old! :D

      • Alex

        Hi five I’m 11 years old and i HATE Twilight too. I mean yeah yeah vampires and falling in love. But there are so many of those movies out there! There is no other movie like The Hunger Games it’s so original but dozens of vampires aren’t very original. ok so maybe the falling in love one is in almost every movie but what you read or see in The Hunger Games is that the plot isn’t like any other stories or books.

        • Hope Stubbs

          The movie “The condemned” is the exact same idea as Hunger Games except with adults, and it came out way before hunger games…

      • Jazel

        If you didn’t like the Twilight series or maybe just didn’t understand/couldn’t relate to a lot of it; you may not care for Titanic. No offense, but you may be just a little young. Don’t take offense, I wish I was young again. LOL. Enjoy your youth while you’re able; it’ll be gone in a blink of your eye! I loved the Twilight series books, the movies were just OK.

        • Lexi

          I’m 20 years old and I think the Twilight movies were crap.. It has nothing to do with age.

      • Jazmine

        I am very happy that they are spilling up the movies. That means they can put a full HOUR more of the movie on to the screen if they haven’t had done that we wouldn’t be able to see a whole lot of the scenes that are very important to the film.

        • Primrose Everdeen

          I agree!!! if they don’t only have a couple months then it will be totally BORING! They need time to shoot the film and edit. Plus they will make way more money. if the have 2 movies the make2x the amount of money!

          I read the entire series and would like to see all (well MOST) of the parts in the movies!!!!!! I agree Jazmine!

    • Mentallect

      Titanic was just about a big ship destined to sink. Not a lot of material to stretch into 3 movies. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is what really sold Hollywood on this formula, bad for fans, good for studios. The Hobbit is in 3 parts, and could easily be just one movie.

    • HungerGamesOffcial

      This is intense.. :I Completely agree with you. T^T

  • teampeeta

    i don’t think splitting mockingjay into two movies is a good idea there is nowhere to split it unless you split it when she gets peeta back [oos, sorry for spoiling]

  • teampeeta

    i don’t think they should split it into two parts

  • Katniss

    There is no need to split this one. Stop that trend. Just make it longer. Mockingjay is not longer than the two previous books, and not nearly as long as the HP or Breaking Dawn book. There was a lot that was boring in Mockingjay.

  • Serena Nguyen

    omg, NOVEMBER 2013 for catching fire?? i dont wanna wait that long. i thought it would releases around the same time with the hunger games movie >>tearsss<<

    • Rue

      when they release the movie, Mockingjay, i will be 13 years old! ha!! XD

    • Abbey

      catching fire trailer comes out on 14th April 2013 i think so if it does im going to record it and watch it over and over again.

      • Alex

        No it doesn’t it comes out in NOVEMBER 23 2013 not APRIL jeez really where do you get all this information.

  • Bree

    I think that they should split it when Peeta warns Katniss that the Capitol is going to bomb 13 and everyone goes insane on film and his blood splatters the camera. People would be falling out of their seats if they didn’t read the book. But that might be too short of an end because it is only about one-third of the way through the book. They could end it where Katniss goes to two, or when she gets shot at the end of chapter 15

    I support the split of the book because it gives extra time for extra detail. Yes the book can be boring for some people at certain points in the book, but it will allow them to put more details. I personally think that The Hunger Games should have been 2 movies because they missed so much.

    But anyways, I’ll be up to Katniss’ age when Mockingjay Part 1 comes out! All of the movies are coming out around my B-Day! (November 27th) I’m hoping I can be an extra in one of the films…

  • confused

    y is everything years apart

  • carl armstrong

    great idea.These 4 excellent movies could well be a preview of actual events that could someday take place.

  • Katie

    I want to know why there is 2 years for Catching Fire. When Mockingjay is soo much more action packed. But, then again the movie is split in half………..

  • DM

    I just hope that the second and third movie will be better than the first movie!!!! They left so much out of the first movie because they didn’t think it would be as big as it was! I hope that they don’t disappoint us!!!!!!

  • katniss1234

    AT first i thought this was weird butnow im kind of excited because now the series wont be over as soon i never want it to end!!!

  • cc rienna

    really wat about making moking jay longer like 4 parts or something!!!!!!! its too goood to just end like that

  • lalalalala

    noooo why do we have to wait sooo long!!! :(

  • vicky4peeta

    370 days untill catching fire!!!! cant wait!!!

  • Em

    If they gonna split the movies they should’t wait a whole year between the first and second part..

  • Galen

    This is not true.

    • Alex

      wow….. you don’t read the articles do you? i bet you don’t but it’s true i’ve read it EVERYWHERE i could eg. magazines, blogs, etc.

  • George

    I hope they go more details on the end for Katniss and Peetas relationship and children.

  • keepthemguessing

    split them all up lol

  • Seanybadger

    Expected that. Will be good (hopefully) and with that may our odd be ever in our favour.

  • Emmah

    I am ten and don’t think spliting up the book to make a movie is a good idea

    • Rue

      11 and right there with you, Emmah!

  • Emmah

    I am ten and think that hte movie releasw dates are too far apart!Most people will lose interest over that period of time

    • Abbey

      but if they are true tributes (THG fans) they won’t loose interest btw in part 2 i really hope they name their two kids

      • Alex

        OMG! That’s what i was thinking, about the kids. My friend read mokingjay before me and she didn’t read the epilouge or whatever its called and i did so when i told her “i hope in the movie they name their kids” and shes like “They have kids???” and im like “yeah see this is what happens when you don’t read the extra stuff.” then she asks “There’s going to be more movies??” and then i started yelling at her…

    • HawkearsplaysMC

      Its really annoying when Cliff-hangers happen but… at the same time you want to see the end of it, Its all about money for them. They don’t care if Katniss and or Peeta dies! (Actually they will, but THATS NOT THE POINT! and I think that’s how you spell his name, I don’t know :T) They just want da moneyssss, Its very agitating Dx Its next year

  • vannahgirl012

    spliting a movie?? that will not be a huge succes because people got upset and agitated when breaking dawn was seprerated and released much more later than the first part right?? well then it is not a good idea to seperate the movie besides what if u have to seperate on the best part?? then it will bug people that it is seperated on the best part………

  • Winnie Chen

    I dont think thats a good idea because after people saw the hunger games they had been waiting to know what happens next, so when mockingjay splits into two part films, people would get fustrated. When they saw the first part they are willing to see the second part so i think that Catching fire should be a whole movie and mockingjay should be a whole movie too. And i also know that when making a movie, you cant rush but i just hoped that you guys can finish the movie faster.

  • I´m Katniss, Peeta kiss me ;)

    280 DAYS??!! i cant wait any longer!!!

  • Jezabeth

    Please keep the same characters. That’s all I ask. Please keep them

  • THG FanGirl

    dear lionsgate,
    I dont like waiting

  • HG

    agreed it sound like a really bad idea to split the movie up and a year between the 2 of them is just silly like I reckon 3moths would be heaps already!!! (or just not split it up at all!)

  • Lilian


  • Shaza

    What more could you want is that a retorical question or what I want them all NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Shaza

    If people really want to compare twilight to THG then compare gale and Bella they r both main caracters but don’t do much then compare Edward or Jacob with katniss they are the accual main caracters that the good things happen to

  • Judy

    I think this is insane. The only moment to separate the two movie is after Peeta is rescued and Katniss goes t see him. But if they do it like that I will be passed off because that moment is so cute. You should out them together and make one big, great and fabulous end to the Hunger Games.

  • Sarah

    My birthday every year! Deadly<3

  • Care_Bear


  • KatnissEverdeen

    So exited omg I don’t really like that they are splitting the movie and it’s a year apart way to long I mean I can’t wait that long and I’m in love with THG

  • Katnisss <3

    This is stupid.. i watched Catching Fire and i loved it at first but they cut the movie without knowing what happened.. and im so mad i have to wait a year…

  • hayleyvandy

    Read the books. Then you’re not waiting til 2015 for the ending. Books have so much more detail in than the movies no matter how many films they do. Harry Potter. Twilight ect.. The Hunger Games books are amazeballs

  • A Romanov

    I don’t like the idea of splitting Mockingjay into two movies, but I guess it’s necessary to keep many of the details in without making a movie spanning 5 or 6 hours. Not that I’d have a problem with Mockingjay being longer than Schindler’s List. I’d actually go to a movie that long, especially if it’s the end of a great franchise like THG.

    Anyway, with Francis Lawrence directing both Mockingjay films and a brilliant cast led with J-Law, Josh, and the others, I expect to be satisfied despite the long wait.

  • Sardorjon

    oh man do i have to wait 1 or 2 more years for mockingjay? i cant have pations that much please release it early

  • Peeta lover

    Catching fire was amazing and very true to the book I hope mockingjay is the same I’m rather happy there splitting it up that way they’ll be more details from the book and there not rushing through it and missing out on all the action and small but important stuff

  • Jazzie

    Sooooooooooooooo long man but I can’t wait

  • ale

    why two parts, yes there is alot in the book, and i wonder if the were gonna fit everything in 2 1/2 hours, but two parts and far away from each other that is a long wait :(

  • ale

    i hope they save peeta in part one at least

  • peanut

    followed by catching fire? no this should say catching fire first, mockingjay part 1, then mockingjay part 2. This article was totally out of order

  • Rachel

    NO. THEY CAN’T MAKE US WAIT THIS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:< NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabriel deopita

    its much more better if they just do 1 mocking jay

  • Jackie

    What more could we ask for?! ..For the movies to come out like ..right away.

  • Micah

    Why are they splitting the mockingjay???? And why do we need to wait 1 year before they release it…. 1 year is too much and I bet some people has no PATIENCE for that long waiting.

  • ursulamargrit

    Seriously, you’re splitting Mockingjay into TWO movies, one whole year apart? At least make it only six months, that would make more sense.

  • Connor the THG lover

    I just watched catching fire today and it was epic, when I heard that mocking jay was split to 2 parts I was a little disappointed but then I thought about it and it’s a good idea because you get more detail

    P.S. Katniss Everdeen is hot :D

  • PeetaMellarksGirlfriend

    I am not sure I am looking forward to Mockingjay Part 1. The only real reason I am obsessed with Hunger Games apart from the dystopia setting and stuff is cause of Peeta. But Peeta isn’t in Mockingjay and isn’t talked to because he is in the capitols clutches, it’s going to be Gale’s turn to shine. And I know people are saying woooo no teams like they did Twilight but I am all for team PEETA!!!!!!! <3

  • jackie

    its like twilight and harry pooter the last one gets split into 2

  • HungerGamesOfficial

    How can we live like this? I can’t wait for the 1st part even.. and then we have to wait another year. I <3 the Hunger Games so much this stresses me out. :3

  • Justme

    Enough about Twilight and Titanic ! This is about MockingJay and the fact that Hollywood is trying to squeeze as much cash out of us as possible. I really despise them splitting up the last book. I think I will wait until both movies have been released on Blue ray to watch them. That is if in the next 2 years I even care about the films.

  • Sabrina Chuvichien

    i agree with microgal56 people pay to see the set from the first movie to the last and sometimes that is over 12 hours long why not finish the book if they only know how much that ts off the reads when they go and brake up our fav books into parts and make us wait it really sets some of us off either way people your movie will make money stop f ing with our books

  • Maritza

    I would hate it if they split the movie in 2 parts if don’t like waiting

  • Diana Dahill

    What a shame. How damn greedy can Lionsgate get? Really? Two parts? The damn book wasn’t that long. I’m done. I’ll just reread the book if I want to refresh my memory on the story.

  • Leelee

    has anyone actually read the book? it is in two parts because the book is so in depth and nothing can really be left out without stuffing up the whole movie :) be glad guys! 4 more hours of the hunger games!

  • Bre

    A year for one and two is way to long they should make 2 on December

  • Bre

    I do love all movies even Mockingjay even though haven’t came out but I know it’ll be good because I seen catching fire and Mockingjay will be as good as it

  • Missy Jones

    I like the idea of splitting up the last book, however a year is wayyy to long to wait… That just isn’t cool. I agree with whoever it was that said. Nov. for part 1 and june for part 2

  • Bob the Builder

    im such a dick head
    im patric ney

  • Bob the Builder

    why am i here

  • Bob the Builder


  • Bob the Builder


  • Bob the Builder


  • Bob the Builder


  • Bob the Builder


  • Bob the Builder

    im dick head

  • Katt

    Who cares how long it takes we have something to look forward to. There has not been very many good movies to go see.

  • Louis Williams

    Yeah one year is a really long time but it gives us hungry game fans something to look for in the next couple of years so it makes plenty of sense to wait a year to release the final movie because it gives everyone plenty of time to catch up if we did not see one movie or read one of the three books so I think that it is stupid to rage with what Hollywood is doing they have this all figured out to make the money they want.

  • sherlock

    people could always read the books to see what happens.

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