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‘Catching Fire’ Arena to be Filmed in Kauai, Hawaii

 hunger games filming catching fire    Catching Fire Arena to be Filmed in Kauai, Hawaii   beachkauai 300x201For quite some time there have been rumors that the Quarter Quell in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” will be shot in Hawaii. News reporter Russ Bowen, who kept readers apprised of filming locations in the first movie, has revealed via Twitter that the Arena scenes will be shot on Kauai, a Hawaiian island. The plan as of now is to film in Kauai the final three weeks of production.

It has also been reported that a Lionsgate photographer took a trip to Henry River, North Carolina (or “The Seam” as we like to call it) not too long ago. Filming in that location is set to begin in early fall.

Below are some photos of the island which will hopefully give you a better idea of what the Arena will look like:

[Source: Hypable]

[Images Credit: Hawaii Pictures]

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  • Guest

    the scenery is sick!! i just pictured the arena to be fairly small like it’s described in the book.. but whatever way they make the movie i’ll be happy with it! 

  • Lill

    Man!!!!!! I would love to be an extra in this movie . Just imagine you will not only get to meet all the stars but you would also be in HAWAII!!!!!!!

    • Lyh97

      omg i see it already katniss and peeta making out aaaaa i love them 

  • Joshua Yamada

    Yeah!  This is exactly how I imagined the Arena to be in Catching Fire.  I have some relatives who reside in Hawaii on Oahu.

    • Miisi

      Same :)

  • Kwk Oliver

    I live on Kaua’i!! Seriously, it is the best island out of the state. We are really county. I am most def finding out if they are going to have extras from here.

    • Katie Katherine

      I live on maui…..SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be so cool to be in the hunger games movie……wish i was chosen for a extra at the movie just go with it

  • Supergracie

    im so happy cuz i live on Maui and stuff but hopefully the stars come to maui cuz we got the next best beaches

    • Katie Katherine

      i would die if they came to maui…i live there too :D

  • Jenna

    That’s beautiful! 8DD

  • Anonymus

    Sorry to disappiont you guys but if you read the books you will remember that only the 24 victors and a couple of hovercraft get to be in the arena, no extras

    • Biggest Hunger Games Fan

      Yeah………but they need capital extras

      • Lyh97

        guys dnt forget the monkeys they might do CG or wat ever its called in that movie RISE OF THE APPS  or somtin like that those monkeys were ppl soo see “MON-HEES” thats how peeta says it after they get away from the fog aaaaaaa im TEAM PEETA soo yea i could be a monkey extra 

  • Tributeforlife

    okay now its my goal to go there when they are filming walk on set and start screaming my head off. 

  • Tay

    It’s rumor that Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been offered the role of Plutarch. I thought I would say because it hasn’t been posted yet.

    • Dani Lore

      Thanks, Tay. I hadn’t heard about it, but he’s a very interesting choice if he has indeed received an offer.

  • Cypress Oury

    It looks sweet! Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Mercedes702

    Omg, I wish I could be a part of the hunger games movies, EVEN IF I WAS JUST A EXTRA, I could be Bonnie or twill, now that would be cool…………

  • Madeline0417

    Omg the hunger games is my life some times I pretend to be katniss because I have a huge crush on “peeta” josh hutcherson is so cute

  • jessielovesjoshie

    Sickness exactly what i imagined when I read the book!!!!

  • Clarissa Cordova

    The 3rd picture i can get a better view of the arena.

  • MockingJay

    Guess I’ve gotta start saving up for a trip to Hawaii! God I swear if I ever saw Josh Hutcherson walking down the beach I would basically tackle him down to the floor kissing him! Ugh if only dreams came true…

  • ejrymer

    I can’t wait for Katniss and Peeta’s beach scene! Ahhhh’

  • Clove

    That’s perfect!

  • Mrs.Mellark

    Ikr I can’t wait

  • zavlin

    I live on oahu nd i love THE HUNGER GAMES serie nd movie i wish i could be there 2 see da stars of da movie or be an extra

  • Arleighmellark

    Yea! I live in Oahu Hawaii I might b an extra!

  • hannah

    are you going to be there in April this year?

  • Christine Stacey Momongan

    I’m so exited about the catching fire

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