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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Engaged!

18 Comments June 6, 2012 by Filed Under: Liam Hemsworth

 liam hemsworth    Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Engaged!    miley cyrus 440 300x224According to People magazine, Liam Hemsworth is engaged to Miley Cyrus!

Wedding Party in the U.S.A.!

Miley Cyrus and Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth are engaged to be married after three years of dating, their reps confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam,” Cyrus, 19, tells PEOPLE.

Congratulations Liam and Miley!


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  • Mary Masen

    Congrats guys!! You seem to be very happy together so I wish you all the best! (Tho I think it’s a little too early for them to be married – maybe they’ll just stay engaged for a while first) — Liam seems like a great guy (with a lovely accent) & Miley idk…. 

  • I_Weep_for_Humanity

    LOL I’ll give that about 3 months. She’s only 19 years old! I have many friends in their late 20′s that have been in relationships with their boyfriends for almost 6 years+, thought they would marry that person, and they end up breaking up. Because once that passion dies down, you have to learn to actually live and tolerate that person, it’s not just all magic fairy tale love. Marriage isn’t taken seriously anymore, especially in Hollywood. It’s just a fun thing that a couple can do and hey, if it doesn’t work out, they can always get a quick divorce, right? 

  • Biggest Hunger Games Fan

    Okay no offense to them but it isn’t gonna last long at all I’m betting for less than 6 months

    • Peeta’s #1 Fan

      I agree I probably not going to last long, but I’ll bet less than 4 months just to be different than you.

  • future Mrs.Ludwig

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!! i hope u guys have a grat life together and dont get divorced in 3 months like other celebs! u guys seem very happy together and I wish you the best! <3

  • SillyHat67

    EEEEwww. i just threw up a little in my mouth! I give them two months tops. For one Liam can do and deserves sooooooo much better (i cant even express) , Miley DOES NOT deserve even a fraction of him. Shes not attractive or talented in the least bit and is annoying as hell. Shes still only a child for crying out load! I mean he seriously sleeps with that oger face, GROSS! All Im praying for that they divorce ASAP. Liam needs his eyes checked pronto!

    • Biggest Hunger Games Fan

      Amen to that! I mean come on miley is how do i put this….a slut and etc. that i dont want to put online

      • Natalie

        Omg ikr I used to idolize her. I grew up watching her on Disney channel,and now she is like such a bad influence. I hope that Liam finds someone better. He deserves better.

    • Lovin u foreva Rue! <3

      I tots agree!!!! And p.s loud is not spelled load.

    • Lyh97

      i think everybody threw up a liitle

    • Lyh97

      and ppl the ones who are backing her up !!!!! shut up!!!!!!like no one likes her ewww i hate her stupid hoe!……u dnt deserve him. And wat up laim man i jugde u!!!!!i think i would be team gale cuz man u r hott too but u with miley eeeewww thats why i judge u and ya im teammm peeta his sooo sweet and notttt stupid like u com on man u let down ur fans man!!i LOVE U PEEETA !!!

  • Tributeforlife

    Even though it is miley cyrus im happy for Liam. Come on you guys! Be happy dont worry be happy :) Congrats Liam   

  • grace

    liam i luv u that should be me with that ring!!!! ya and that pic on twitter that she said was just showing off the nail polish ya right she just did that to show the ring!!!!!

  • grace


  • THGR!!!!!

    Gosh people. I am happy for BOTH Mikey and Liam. Don’t judge her cuz you don’t even know her!!!! If Liam proposed to her then he LOVES her for who she is!!!

    • Tributeforlife

      THANK YOU some one sees my point of view. Seriously guys better stop judging on how long their marriage is gonna last and start being happy for him.  I expected people to be happy…

  • Jacob Paulson

    Huh, that poor bastard doesn’t know what he’s getting into…

  • Jvcxbvxhfvhvrfjhv

    Dye ur hair back to brown with blond highlights not the other way around!

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