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‘Hunger Games’ Movie Reference Leads to Detention

29 Comments April 5, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Fan

When I first saw this picture I thought the following:

  1. Totally worth it.
  2. Why was I not a student in this classroom so I could have witness it?

 hunger games fan    Hunger Games Movie Reference Leads to Detention   MahoganyDetentionSlip 600x408

To all the fans out there, do you think getting this detention for this reason would be worth it? To fans who are parents, would you get mad at your child if they got detention for this reason?

[Source: BuzzFeed]

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  • Anna

    That is an awesome reason to get detention. Completely worth it in my book. :)

  • Haylie Billingsley

    That has to be the coolest thing ever!! :D 

  • Elix

    That is amazing! What quick thinking. Totally made my day :D

  • British52

    I said that in class the other day…..and I’m a teacher! :)

    • Toto

      You sound like an awesome teacher.

    • Clove

      I say that to my brother all the time at school!

  • Toto

    I say that all the time to my friends! We always burst out laughing and usually get in trouble for being too loud. But seriously? A Lunch Detention for being a literatry fan? Ya know, I bet that teacher has just never experienced the awsomeness of The Hunger Games. Timothy should make her read the book and see the movie. See if he has that detention then.

  • Christindangel

    I’d laugh and tell my daughter I love her sense.of humor and to serve her detention with pride!

  •!/MelanieSpectra Melanie

    Man that teacher has no sense of humour! lol

  • biggest hunger games fan :)

    totally worth it. :)

  • Lizzy

    That is actually so funny! You go Timothy!!

  • Axieallie

    Probably a fake, i’ve seen some of these before

  • TeamPeeta_Kayla<3

    I plan on doing this tomorrow! Let’s see if I get in trouble! XD

  • Loves The Boy With The Bread

    Where does this child live so I can worship at his feet for the next hour or so?

  • Desiree Thomas

    1. totally AWESOME & worth it!
    2.  id totally do it!
    3. that teacher sucks!
    Hunger Games FTW!

  • Courtney Mitchell98

    What he say

  • hmm75

    Hilarious – but it looks like kid’s handwriting, so I’m thinking fake too.  (Then again my handwriting is nothing to write home about.)

  • RUE

    that totally worth it!!!

  • Tributeforlife

    this is totally awesome i would be happy to get a detension for that :)

    Thumbs up for that hunger games fan

  • Camilla

    I don’t get the writing :P Can someone please write here what the note say? :) Thanks

    • Woah

      Timothy Oidham
      has been assigned detention 
      Date(s) 3/28/12 Time Lunch Room 238
      Reason for Detention For yelling ‘That is mahogany!’ when student dropped book on desk

  • clueless

    what does it have to do with the movie?

    •  When catniss trys to get haymitch’s attention by throwing the knife into the table right between his finger this awkward annoying lady says “That is mahagony”

      • Aliza

        Her name is Effie.

  • 8r4s8a6

    The teacher gave detention for this? Wow. In my school, the teachers write up students for REAL problems like profanity, defiance, and vandalism.

  • KatnissGrownUp

    Ok??? Detention for that? What’s so wrong with our schools. How about detention for something bad? By the way…I’m a Mom. Miss the eighties. Life was so simple.

  • Clove

    My english teacher would do that……

  • Holly

    really! God that teacher is strange…

  • peeta my husband

    its mahogany that that kid got detention. id hate to have that teacher. considering my hunger games love i would live in detention

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