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Find Your Panem Name with the Hunger Games Name Generator

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Wondering what you’d be named if you lived in the world of The Hunger Games to fit in with characters like Ceasar Flickerman, Effie Trinket and Haymitch Abernathy?

Find out with the Hunger Games Name Generator. Post your Hunger Name in the comments!

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Category: Hunger Games Humor

  • Mizarrow

    Delphi Duncain.

  • Matilde

    My name is Spikelet Ivory haha ^^ I like my last name then :P

  • Sara

    The first one I got was, Spikelet Rankine. But I wasn’t happy with it. haha
    So my second one is, Eustacia Galloway. I like that one better.

  • Eve.r

    Silver Roxen :)

  •!/MelanieSpectra Melanie

    Vibia Elphinstone

  • Koalabear223

    Sagitarria Roxen

  • Callie

    Winnow Flamsteed – and I kind of like it.

  • Nicole Montesi

    Nicole Montesi

  • Jael

     Hello, my name is Persei Hayes of District 7. 

  • sarahcanflyy

    Mizar Naysmith

  • HJS13

    Greir Spottiswoode

  • Regina Gately

    Fannia Inchcape

  • Lesa

    Thalia Allardyce

  • Adrianna

    Eustacia Ballantynn

    • Denise Villanueva

      Are We Related ? cuz’ Mine is 
      Valeria Ballantynn

  • John

    Jfis Macden

  • Liz

    Wren Lapworth…

  • Clarewilton

    Clare Wilton

  • Clare wilton

    Clare Wilton

  • Jasmine

    Fannia Hayes

  • Megan

    Blye Jardine

  • Orchid Spectral (aka Toni)

    Orchid Spectral
    Sounds like District 11 (for their trade) or District 12 (Katniss and Primrose.. Well, they’re plants)
    I also put in all my friends names (of which I’m trying to convince HG is the best book, or thing for that matter, known to man and alien) and to persuade them to read it even further I’m only going to call them by their dystopian names. I also made them all CDs of District 12 And Beyond and the Musical Score. =)

    • Orchid Spectral

      Btw I got lucky and I am a Twelvie (*insert evil laughter here*)
      I think my name is PERFECT. how about you guys?

  • Ryleewinters8

    Rylee Winters

  • Gabriela Salcedo

    Vibia Lapworth

  • Bhing_17_03

    Lyanne Tabios

  • Luna_L

    Rhymer Ballantynn was with my nickname one then i tried with my real name and got Gliese Vipointe

  • Ballf67

    Tyler baker

  • Sportsrme96

    chad white

  • Ellehcim17

    Nitya Redpath

  • Peangle92

    Briar Rollo

  • Natalie Benavides

    Greir Rankine

  • tributeforlife

    I got Ashby Elphinstone  

    werid……. :)

  • Fannia Odinshoot

    Fannia Odinshoot

    I like it

  • Toocutefouryou

    My name was orchid lapworth. I like it it fits me. Haha

  • super-human-teeth-baby!

    I dont need a Hunger Games name :) Mines already Johanna. So, the name seems to have held on what with Johanna Mason and all

    • Virginia Courage

      You should try the name generator anyway, it’s got cool names, you know! Oh, and by the way? Twilight is awesome, yet I still do like Harry Potter. They’re both pretty good, though!

  • <3The Boy With The Bread<3

    Katri Ivory(((((((:

  • Claudia

    Savera Galloway

  • Chechiyasol


  • Annalise

    Prine Wellwood

  • Georgia_rubydoo

    Katri Flamsteed, I like it! I did my friend Kori’s, now known as Saffra Hayes.

  • Lucy

    Lucy clarke

  • Richardson Valerie


  • Guest

    My name is Muscida Spectral 

  • Eric Chaney

    Eric Chaney

  • Eileen_alex

    Grey Ivory

  • willlowfan

    Dixie Rudolphine

  • Marianne Lesyk

    Marianne Lesyk

  • Leporis Honeyman

    Marianne Lesyk
    Leporis Honeyman

  • Guest


  • Denise Villanueva

    Valeria Ballantynn

  • charendbsk

     Persei Lockhearst

  • Virginia Courage

    Volumnia Galloway- Nice name, I guess

  • Justin Crave

    Scorpii Ivory

  • Althea

    Althea Overwhill

  • PrincessRae

    Delphi Yule

  • Jackson Paige

    Flux Edenthaw

  • All4soccer

    It’s not working for me :(

  • Sammygirlfive

    Mine is Valeria edinthaw

  • Dantev8

    I got Tiberius Holloway

  • Lauren W.

    Wren Rollo

    It’s weird cause my friend calls me “Ren” all the time.  I’ve got to tell her about that

  • Peeta1313

    Paxton Lynne Antonucci

  • Kellie King

    The hunger games is awesome

  • Lael4art

    Lael Silver

  • Zelda

    I got
    Hollo keynam

  • Sophmister

    It is not working :( for me

  • Ariel Van Riper

    Love the Hunger Games

  • Ariel Van Riper

    Ariel Van Riper

  • Sofia_quinonez

    It’s not working😞

  • Lilly05

    what the hell it wont work

  • Ariel Van Riper

    Pleione Redpath

  • Guitargirl1408

    Orchid Combe

  • lynnette

    lynnette arredondo

  • A Lenett

    valentine fane

  • matias

    valentine rodriguez

  • Rue Of District11

    this sucks


    Grey Spottistone. Pretty cool name. To me it sounds like District 7 (lumber). Go Johanna Mason!!!

  • ROsemacnz

    How does it work?!!!

  • Sheridansmith


  • Abc


  • Isa gonzalez

    Isa Gonzalez

  • Chocolate bunny

    How do u do it?!

  • Septimus Spectral

    Septimus Spectral

  • Jade Morgan

    Jade morgan

  • Catie Yepsen

    Catherine Yepsen

  • Catie Yepsen


  • Catie Yepsen


  • Catie Yepsen

    Danielle Ryan

  • amy holland

    amy holland

  • brds

    this isnt working

  • Rhiannon

    I am Columbae Lockhearst, my mom is Eunia Aldjoy, my dad is Caldwell Cronin, my sister is Dorothea Hayes, my brother is Atlas Duncain, my other sister is Bergwind Vipoint, my brother in law is Nimmo Duncain, my best friend is Dorothea Incape, my other best friend is Valeria Spottiswood, my crush is Yohan Lapworth. Wow. Very elaborate.

  • Volumnia Baxwoll

    Volumnia Baxwoll weird….

  • nightowl9011

    Wren Ivory

  • Sam

    its not working

  • aricula

    aricula greenlaw

  • Maaargan

    it shows the same name for all my friends and me

  • Mcc

    Mine is silver red path.

  • Brooklyn(orchid overwhill)

    Orchid Overwhill
    I wisshhh this wass rlly my name!!!!!!

  • Brooklyn(orchid overwhill)

    My other one is Dixie Galloway

  • Blair Keppeltone

    I hate how it does not really pick a name for you =[ but it is still fun!!!!

  • Thg lover

    Not working for me

    • Grey

      stop cicking the thing above the comments and go to the link in the description

  • PrimReaper

    Not working…

    • @pwincesschaos

      Not for me too!

  • Isabella

    I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!! Jenifer play Katniss SOOO well. And Josh plays Peeta soo well. Hunger fan forever <3

  • katnisseverdeen1127

    omg i love thg triloogy go katniss oh and the boy with the bread and the girl on fire =toast

  • Indie

    I got Indie Wellwood.. Pretty awesome name :)

  • Courtney

    Courtney gulu

  • Rita


  • Lauren

    oh i know why its not working for you hmmm well its because its a picture.

  • thehandsaysitall

    Katri Herriot

  • Periwinkle

    Mine is Dorothea Perthshire.

  • blah blah superman

    Silver Ogilby

  • Fifi

    Blye Naysmith… sounds like the Capitol or district 1.

  • EPprincess

    Eustacia Honeyman OMG lol

  • Garrett Hermen

    Floodplain Spottiswoode is what my name ended up to be

  • Grey

    My name was Grey Fairbraid

  • AshleenIvory1

    Ashleen Ivory. Sweetest name ever

  • k.jl

    this is weird its not working for me im sad pooo!!!!!

  • Dana Patrice Daria

    Dana Patrice Daria

  • Lartius Flamsteed

    Lartius Flamsteed

  • Mariah Varela

    I wish I could be on Mocking Jay….

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