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‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack set to debut at the top of the Billboard chart

13 Comments March 22, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Soundtrack

The Hunger Games Soundtrack Songs from District 12 and Beyond is set to debut at the top of the Billboard charts!

What’s your favorite song?

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  • Shannongatti

    The movie jumps around to much. Several people,including myself, got sick and had to leave.

  • Ed

    Stupid movie ever pepole are made that they are sick in the head

  • Peeta bread

    And the soundtrack songs weren’t even in the movie! Just sayin. I was let down. 

  • Kalk

    I loved it. That’s it. I totally, totally loved it.

  • Feathers

    The movie was much faster than the book, and not in a good way if you ask me. They (SPOILERS) completely skipped Katniss’ friendship with the prep team, and Peeta’s leg was not amputated like in the book. Also, they should’ve used Metric’s song ‘Stadium Love’ for when Katniss was running from the fire. 

    • Johnson21a

      Peetas leg does get amputated in the book…remember they give him a new leg at the capital? Also it was not a gel that healed him from blood poisoning it was one needle shot. I still love it though! Books are always better.

      • holaaaaa

        actually feathers did say that it was amputated in the book, but merely the movie had not portrayed this.

  • AWG

    was safe and sound even in the movie? loved the movie! abolutly perfect

  • Primrose

    they skipped the good parts that come in the other books too! And the soundtrack songs werent in the movie. While it was a good movie, it was a total let down and dissapointment

  • Peetavolleyballbread

    thought the movie was great but no music and small changes bugged me alittle. it fallowed the book really well tho

  • Alicia McCleve

    safe and sound was played during the credits. I want to get the soundtrack for all the instrumental stuff, it was fantastic.

  • Ruby

    Arcade Fire’s song is pretty neat, it comes out during the credits. I saw the movie three times and I don’t recall hearing the other songs in the movie that are in the soundtrack. I would like to get the instrumental songs that were in the movie instead. ;)

  • Spam

    …I will never understand releasing soundtracks to movies where the bloody damn songs aren’t even IN the movie. What a cash-grab.

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