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Hunger Games Soundtrack “Songs from District 12 and Beyond” Available Now!

6 Comments March 19, 2012 by Filed Under: Featured, Hunger Games Soundtrack

 hunger games soundtrack featured    Hunger Games Soundtrack Songs from District 12 and Beyond Available Now!   hunger games songs from district 12 and beyond 600x600Today’s the day! The Hunger Games soundtrack and companion album “Songs from District 12 and Beyond” is now in stores.

The deluxe edition includes a  24-panel 15″ by 20″ foldout poster as well as limited edition trading cards with images of characters from The Hunger Games. You can get the deluxe edition with the poster and trading cards for $11.99.

Also available is the standard edition for $9.99 and the iTunes edition for $11.99. You can get the MP3s from Amazon for $9.49.

Category: Featured, Hunger Games Soundtrack

  • Joshua Yamada

    I can’t wait to get my copy!

  • NorColo

    Went to Target and picked up the Deluxe Edition this morning.  Worth it?  Not in my opinion.  The “trading cards” consist of a previously released poster (Katniss looking down the tribute parade with images of her on the left/Peeta on the right), cut into 9 cards.  Not what I was expecting.  And the poster is the same image as the soundtrack cover, with all the song info on the back.  My recommendation: save a few bucks and just get the soundtrack!

  • Dorisdayjob

    How do I download Lullaby?

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    Downloaded!! But where is ‘lullaby’ by Jennifer Lawrence and Willow Shields?

    Loved all the songs, but Eyes Open by Taylor Swift is my favorite right now.

  • Abhik Biswas

    like katniss , the girl on fire, this book and its soundtracks are really on fire here 

  • Tzarinapiep

    What’s that song at the end of the hunger games? It’s when the game maker is locked in that room with nightlock. (those berries)

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