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Preview of The Civil Wars’ ‘Kingdom Come’ from the ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

 the civil wars hunger games soundtrack    Preview of The Civil Wars’ ‘Kingdom Come’ from the Hunger Games Soundtrack   thecivilwarsEntertainment Weekly was able to obtain a 90-second sneak peek of the Civil Wars’ song “Kingdom Come” from the “Hunger Games” Movie Soundtrack as well as an interview with Grammy-winners Joy Williams and John Paul White.

“It’s our homage to a survival song,” says Williams.

“And also to trying to keep your cool and stay rational in a ridiculous situation,” White chimes in. “It’s a little bit of ‘It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be all right, we’re going to make it through this,’ even when the situation around you is more dire than you’d care to admit. I think it’s how we all cope.”

As for how the track came into existence, John Paul says the spectacular backdrop of a Northwestern state really got their creative juices flowing.

“We wrote ‘Kingdom Come’ on the road in Jackson Hole, Wyoming,” he continues. “We were out there for a show, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I think the landscape helped us capture the mood. We were unfettered, out in the middle of God’s country.”

Ever since I heard their collaboration with Taylor Swift, I’ve become a big fan of the Civil Wars. Every track they put down has a fresh sound, and their harmonies are IN-SANE! Sounds like “Kingdom Come” is no different.

What do you guys think of the Civil Wars’ song?

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[Source: Entertainment Weekly via the Hob]

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