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Original ‘Hunger Games’ Movie Screenplay Revealed?

5 Comments March 13, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games News

10 days away from the “Hunger Games” Movie release date and there’s a lot of excitement generating (did you see that new clip? epic!), but there’s also a flock of nervous butterflies performing tailspins in our stomachs, especially concerning the exactitude of the movie. Will it capture the essence of the books? Will it focus on survival and Katniss’ love for her family and friends, or the carnage of the Games? Or worse…the HG love triangle? While we can’t yet answer those questions, we can look at the original “Hunger Games” Movie screenplay and see how accurate it would have been had it been used. Vlogger Whitney Milam claims to possess this top-secret initial document and decided to spill some of the details.

It’s difficult to guarantee the legitimacy of this screenplay, but if it is the real deal THANK GOODNESS it was replaced. Gale sneaking into the Capitol? Seriously? President Snow throwing Seneca Crane out of a hovercraft? Are you kidding me? It all seems a bit dramatic and fantastical.

How ‘bout it, Mockingjays (or is it Panemaniacs now?) Are you thankful for the current screenplay when you consider the fact that THIS was the previous option?

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