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‘The Hunger Games’ Midnight Screenings Dos and Don’ts

 movies com hunger game countdown    The Hunger Games Midnight Screenings Dos and Donts   Hunger Games Neca Board GameThe Hunger Games is almost here, and many of you are already in possession of your tickets for the midnight showings. I’m sure some of you even have a game plan for the big night; what snacks to bring, how early to start lining up, what chair to bring, and now has asked the fandom the dos and the don’ts of the midnight screenings. We also would like to know what your dos and don’ts are, so let us know in the comments!

Melanie of

Do: Bring some form of entertainment, preferably Hunger Games related, like the Neca board game to not only keep you entertained, but to also keep you in the Hunger Games mood.

Don’t: Bring the Twilight board game or merchandise, or even dress up like you favorite Twilight character. You’ll most likely receive dirty looks from others in line, plus we don’t want any more comparisons between the two movies.

Midnight Screening Must-Have: Comfy clothes! After standing in line for hours, and gorging on junk food, you’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible while watching this movie.

 movies com hunger game countdown    The Hunger Games Midnight Screenings Dos and Donts   the hunger games2 129x190Lisa of

Do: Bring your laptop, smartphone, and reread The Hunger Games while you wait. If you are a die hard fan, you’ll be there super early. While it is a great time and amazing experience, the day can be long and tiring. Reread The Hunger Games while you wait and discuss with your friends what scenes you hope will be in the movie!

Don’t: Spend the whole time on your laptop and/or smart phone. While it’s a super good idea to have them, you need to mingle with the crowd! I’ve met so many people while waiting in line for a movie, people that I still talk to years later and have developed a great friendship with!

Midnight Screening Must Have: Your camera! Snap pictures of everyone in line. You never know – there may be some people dressed up!

 movies com hunger game countdown    The Hunger Games Midnight Screenings Dos and Donts   AllTypesOfSnacks 300x225Emy of

Do: Many theaters are in malls or by take-out restaurants, so if you didn’t bring snacks, get a place in line first and then send one or two people from your group to get food. You never know how many people will get in line during the 15 minutes you’re gone.

Don’t: Save a place in line for too many friends. Having a friend show up late is understandable, but having 10 arrive for the first time 20 minutes before the movie is not. Fans who have been waiting for hours are not going to be happy being pushed back 10 spots when it could mean the difference between a great seat and an okay one.

Midnight Screening Must Have: A deck of cards. They’re a great form of entertainment and can pack up neatly without taking up too much space in your bag.

Read more dos and don’ts at!

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  • Samantha

    i like Melanie’s ideas

    •!/MelanieSpectra Melanie

       Thank you! :)

    • Joshua Yamada

      I agree!  I’m not a Twilight person, in fact I dispise Twilight, no offense.

      • Michele

        I despise Hunger Games!!!! LOL

        •!/MelanieSpectra Melanie

           So why are you on here if you hate it so much?

  • haley

    It does not get any better if you still write twilight assuming a comparison Duh!!!!!

  • Tash

    I haven’t got tickets for a midnight screening (damn work) but am going at 6pm, so will be lining up as soon as I knock off – these tips will come in very handy for passing the time! (I have my tickets already, but I want to be at the head of the line to ensure good seats)

    I especially agree with the snacks and comfy clothes, must haves right there! :D Not to mention a big bucket of popcorn hehehe

    • Hermhogwarts55

      Good luck with being in the head of the line, when we went to the Breaking Dawn midnight showing we got there at 4am the morning before and we were still behind people… so unless they open another theater because all the others are sold out and you just happen to be the first to purchase tickets for it, there’s a good chance you won’t be first…. in fact for my very first midnight showing for Harry Potter 4 I went at noon and was behind a couple of groups… so 6pm you’ll be behind a good couple groups… in fact I know that if the group is 10 or more chances are someone from that group will come as early as possible to make sure their group gets good seats.

  • Jael

    Why would you dress up as a Twilight character to a Hunger Games midnight showing?  Isn’t there some sort of unspoken rule that you don’t dress up as a character from one movie franchise to another?  I am a die hard Potterphile who also likes Twilight, but I would give the death glare to anyone dressed up as Dumbledore at a Twilight showing.  People, there is a time and a place to wear your Gryffindor tie or your Cullen crest necklace and a Hunger Games showing isn’t one of those places. 

    Say, does anyone know if we’re allowed to bring bows into the theatre?  I’m going to a midnight showing dressed up as Katniss, and I want to bring the bow I use for archery practice to add to the effect.  I don’t plan on bringing my arrows though (seriously, Katniss would be the last person I can think of who uses arrows with hot pink fletchings on them).

    •!/MelanieSpectra Melanie

       When I went to one of the Twilight midnight screenings people showed up in Potter-gear because they were going to be showing a Potter trailer right before the movie. They got lots of dirty looks.

    • Hermhogwarts55

      I think you can as long as the arrows don’t have tips… or if it’s obviously not a weapon or can be used as such…. but might be different in different places?

  • Bookslover

    Thanks for the tips!

    This is my first midnight premier ever so this helps a lot! :D

  • Katniss

    I can’t go to the Premier, what’s more sad than that???  

    • iLoVeThEbOyWiThThEbReAd <3

      nothing, thats devastating….. lol. dont worry! you’ll get to see it!!!

  • Blu3Ruka

    So glad I’m an assistant manager at a movie theatre! free and no line ups!

  • Gummy_bears5772

    I’m on team gale what team are you on

    • Natalie

      Team Peeta :)

      • hilary

        team edward

    • hilary

      Team Edward!!!!!!!

      • Marisaistotallyawesome

        no… just no.  smh

    • Joshua Eli Evans

      team katniss

  • iLoVeThEbOyWiThThEbReAd <3

    of course I’m one of those die-hard crazy fans, arriving there 6 hours before the movie starts ;) and then of course, i tell my friend that (whose supposed to meet me there) and she says, “6 hours early??? oh my God, just save me a spot.” LOL. totally going as Katniss!!!!! :D!!! got the hg earrings, shirt, pin, and bracelets!!!yay!!! can’t wait!!!! i’ve been waiting for this since FOREVER ago!!! happy hunger games!!! 

    • Hermhogwarts55

      You guys think 6 hours is bad? Try a full 24 hours! In my town it’s the same people going to midnight showings and when we went to the Deathly Hallows pt 2 midnight showing a group got there 7pm the night before (luckily they weren’t in our theater) but we pride ourselves in being the VERY first people there… so we’re getting there at midnight the night before (maybe earlier if we see fit)… Midnight showing veteran of 10 movies.

  • Team ‘This Isn’t Twilight’

    I won’t be getting there that early, because I don’t need to. Some theaters sold individual seats off, so I am ensured seats in the middle of the middle row! However, I will bring one of the 3 books (with my HG bookmark inside!) because I will need something to keep my mind off things……How else am I supposed to keep from shrieking every 10 seconds?

  • Hilary

    Who cares about hunger games alot of people I know bought tickets for Breaking dawn part 2 trailer

  • DV

    DO: If you have an UltraAVX theatre near you, buy tickets there. It’s pre-assigned seating like when you go to a concert so your tickets have a seat number. You can even chose your seats online (if there are any left). So there’s no need to wait in line for hours (but that can sometimes be fun). A group of 10 of us bought tickets at an UltraAVX theatre so we’ll show up 20 minutes before the movie starts and get our seats. It saves from hastle and getting tired waiting in line. But I understand sometimes the fun is waiting in line and chatting with people.

    • Hermhogwarts55

      Where we live there’s a Muvico in the town next door, but it’s waaayyy more fun to go and wait! Getting preassigned seating is good for when you have other priorities.

  • Cynthia

    Haha great ideas! I cant wait til the premiere!! Sis & I had custom made shirts done with a well thought out design by us! Also we are having our nails done for the premiere!! We’re going to get there @ 9 pm! What time is everyone getting there?

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