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Hunger Games Mall Tour LA: Pics, Video

6 Comments March 4, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Mall Tour

 hunger games mall tour    Hunger Games Mall Tour LA: Pics, Video   hunger games mall tour 3 hunger games mall tour    Hunger Games Mall Tour LA: Pics, Video   hunger games mall tour 300x400Fans in Los Angeles overwhelmed the Westfield Century City Mall yesterday for the first stop of the Hunger Games Mall Tour.

The event didn’t start till 6pm and the line wasn’t supposed to form till 8am. By around 7:30am, there were so many people waiting early along a bridge leading to mall property that Westfield was forced by local police to give out wristbands for autographs early. Some reports indicate people began camping out the previous night around 11pm.

Fans received a brand new poster and HGMovieSite was there and took a great snapshot.

The cast had a boisterous Q&A for an audience of 1,000 attentive and excited fans. Some great questions all around! Check out more pics of the cast at Celebrity-Gossip and view videos of the Q&A below.

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  • Natalie

    Omg!!! I was there. I had such a fun time I got there at 6 in the morning nd left at 7 pm. There were so many people. I didn’t get to meet them though:”( But I got to see Josh so it was good enough for me:)

  • Peetamellark

     it was cool i was there i saw hot sexy josh hutcherson  for the 2 time

  • Tash

    Thanks so much to all who took the videos so the rest of us can see :) 

    I wonder what Josh kept saying to Jennifer to make her smile and laugh? They all get along so well which is great! Although it seems that Josh is the one doing most of the talking, heheh, all I could think about was that he is the perfect Peeta as some of his answers are so smooth!

  • May Martin

    i was there too…it was pretty awesome…josh was soooo hot!

  • Joshua Yamada

    I’m so upset because I live in Denver,Co and it’s not on the tour map :(

  • Karen Hernandez26

    I was upset that I wasn’t one of the first one hundred to meet them. I got there at six in the morning and there was already a line and more than 400 people. The rules of this event specifically said that you can’t line up before 8 or security will tell you to go away and there is no camping aloud. People told me that people started camping out the night before. I wish that they didn’t have to lie to us. But on the bright side I was there for the Q & A and I was closer to the stage than I thought I would be. It took away the bitterness lol. 

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