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Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll is Being Made

35 Comments February 27, 2012 by Filed Under: Hunger Games Merchandise, Katniss Everdeen

You’ll be able to score a Hunger Games-themed version of one of history’s most iconic toys this April.

No pic yet, but online toy retailer Entertainment Earth posted the following details-

With this Barbie Hunger Games Doll you can style Barbie just like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games movie! Hunger Games, a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, is adapted to film from the original young adult novel by writer Suzanne Collins. This doll’s outfit is made to replicate the very same one worn by the feature character in the movie, and it measures around 12-inches tall! Ages 6 and up.

The doll will retail for $27.99.

[via HGT]

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  • xxPeetaPanemxx

    I don’t think a katniss barbie doll would be the best idea:/ I mean this story is meant for teenagers not 5 yr old girls…

  • Dilutedpants

    Bit confused about it, but at least Katniss is a superb role-model? Better than a Britney Spears Barbie?

    • shaunna

       i know thats right at least she wont look like those britney spears barbie dolls did

  • Corteo

    I’m a guy and I’ll have to get one of these!

  • Joshua Yamada

    OH, I’ve just got to get my hands on that!

  • Candyce Sellars

    I think that they’ve officially crossed the line of “over merchandising” this movie. it cheapens it. It makes it seem like it’s no longer about good story telling but about how to re create a twilight-esk money making phenomenon which makes people want to pull away. I think this…and the playing cards…and the action figures are a terrible idea.

    • HELLO

      still, its to show the power of fighting for the good in life and defying the evil. also its for fans wh want something to keep to reamind them of the movie, cards for stills, action figgures for boys(usually not ment to be sexist), and dolls for girld(usually, again no sexist coment ment caus i know some boys play it dolls and trufuklly, i encorage that. most are just better versions of the action figures targeted at boys)/

      • HELLO

        also, poepl need the money or some families will starve.

  • peetafan<3

    What the?? Kids young enough to play with Barbies are not gonna be at a PG-13 rated movie :/ Katniss is supposed to be a tough, strong girl. This has nothing to do with the hunger games at all. 

  • Callista

    Okay- I grew up playing with Barbies and I think this idea is just ridiculous. Katniss is not this shallow character. And they are seriously materializing this movie/franchise. I mean, honestly! Jennifer Lawrence herself has said that she doesn’t want to be one of those size 0 stars, that she wants to look like a real person. BARBIE?! What is the world coming to? Make a Finnick Odair Barbie (well, it would be a “Ken” technically) doll if you must. He’s supposed to be this sex symbol, anyways. They keep saying they don’t want to turn this into some creepy-crazy Twilight thing, and yet they are doing just that.

    • peetafan<3


    • Team Katniss

      this is exactly what ww DONT WANT!!! i mean if all things a barbie!!! get real people… ktaniss is a tough girl and turning her into a brabie just ruins it!!! if anything— this was the worst descicion for THG that has been made cuz its based of killing and sipurvival and you dont want littke hirls playing with stuff like that!!!

      • HELLO

        why not, katniss fights for her loved ones even if it means certain death, and she fughts for the good in the world and will never stop untill death comes her way. More and more peopel(not just girls) need to be like her or we will have an osamitler(osama bin laden plus hitler) on our hands some day

    • Kaitlyn Rubinstein

      Making a Katniss Barbie will go as against all her character stands for. Even if it is meant as a collector’s item; no REAL fan would want to collect something like that. And I am also against a Finnick Barbie, because although he is supposed to look like a god, etc., his character offers a deeper meaning.

      • HELLO

        well hundreds of REAL FANS will collect this in the spirit of hoe katniss fights for good in this world. maby you don’t wan it but then keep your ass on your face shut and don’t buy it, jst caus you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else has to hate it 2.

    • HELLO

      i get you, but you have to understand some people would like this cauus they fell inlove with katniss and her aditude against evil in this world. I agree that it might not be perfect, but atleast its like you have a little bit of katniss with you, instead of taking the real girl. and i unferstand how jenifer lawrence might not be verry happy with this caus she doesn’t want to much attention form fame, but i bet even she kinda likes how thses a doll made espacialy after her.

  • Madina

    Urgh this is really annoying me. Don’t get me wrong I think promotion for THG is great but I think they’re totally distorting the concept of the story. This isn’t just some cheap franchise, its a serious emotional story that is a commentary on today’s society. People who haven’t read the books are going to get the wrong idea if this continues :(

  • J Hoh

    The first thing that came to mind was “WTF?!??!?!??!?!!?”

  • Lilybnorris

    I like the idea of the Hunger Games turning into a movie. Okay the shirts and stuff are cool but a BARBIE???? Seriously?!?!?!? I mean that is exactly what Hunger Games Fans DON’T want! True fans to the series understand why this is wrong. When i think of Barbie’s I think of blonde twigs! Not Katniss Everdeen who is one of the best role models out there! They are over franchising this and it needs to stop! This is not what the cast wants, and this is definitely not what Katniss or Peeta would have wanted. Plus the series is about fighting to the death. The movie could have easily been rated R! I don’t think that 5 year old girls should be thinking this is okay! HELLO PEOPLE WE ARE TURNING INTO PANEM! IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!

    • Guest

      You cant judge it before pictures have been released. I understand, but thye might make it realisitc and without all of those barbie-isms. Just don’t think about it like a barbie. Think of it as a collector’s item!

      • HELLO

        ikr, also as a representation of what good comes for fighting for the good things in life are, you get your verry own dolly!

    • HELLO

      speak for yourshelf, all the poeple i know who are fans love this and so many million other 2. besides this is a doll made to capture the spirt of katniss and how she wont let good people suffer(later on in the books after she saves her sister) and how she fights for her loved ones even if death is almost certain if she does

  • Firewriter15

    I think you guys are over stressing this way too much! I personelly think this is a great idea! I love Barbie and I love THG I think it’s a great mix! Also, all of you saying that little kids won’t play with these and such, THESE DOLLS ARE NOT MENT TO BE TOYS! They are collectors items and are for the fans.

    • Samantha

      that was exactly what i was thinking

    • Natalie

      I love that reason! I’m in with her!

    • Hungergamesgurl

      hells yeah! same here!

    • HELLO

      i keep posting that, thank you, I love you so much. lol. but its true some ppl want it and others don’t, that’s with everything but it happens. and the makers of the doll even said that they made her to reflect the power of katniss and her affect on people. this is caus she fights for the goodness in the world and this doll kinda shows that in away if you put this description next to it(jk) but she is a nice pice for colectors. now some ppl think that caus she is pretty now little girls will starve themshelves skiny earlier in life. well this doll looks normal and preety just like jenifer lawrence, so its okay if she is pretty, this is how jenifer looks!

  • Kelly

    They are not toys. Well they are, But most HG fans would use them as a collecters item.
    So calm down. Havent you collected Mockingjay pins, This is just another collecters item.
    Like chinavases or something.

  • Alishadee89
  • Melissagalindo47

    People are making a big deal out of this its just a doll its nothing bad its for the fans can’t wait till the doll comes out


    well i love the hunger games and what not, but like… Barbie dolls target younger audiences who aren’t old enough to watch a PG-13 movie. so i doubt little kids will even know who she is.

    • HELLO

      its really just ment for the oler barbie collectors, and most kids who read it were like 9, 10 and up. Most of wich still play with barbies

  • Webdoggie1

    i think its a great idea

  • Kaitlyn Rubinstein

    Barbies already corrupt the minds of little girls, giving them an idea of beauty which is really unhealthy and wrong. Creating a Katniss Barbie doll would not only contribute to that idea of perfection, but it would also ruin the true meaning of the book series. Please, PLEASE don’t create a Katniss Barbie doll, even if it may bring in money.

    • HELLO

      its just ment for fans to have a katniss, also jenifer lawrence has a natrual apeal to her. she is pretty so i think since in real life jenifer lawrence is pretty and thedoll is made after her its okay. also they are still gonna make it for the millions of fans who do want it and arn’y gonna stop for 1. not to be rude, just saying, tehre are many more but still its a good idea to put the caracter of katniss in a doll, i mean who is a better influence for little girls everywhere than katniss, she fights for her loved ones and will do anyting no matter how small the chances are for suvival are. i think more little girls need to be like katniss.

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