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Let’s Re-Read The Hunger Games Together! Chapter 12

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 hunger games re read    Let’s Re Read The Hunger Games Together! Chapter 12   ch12hg

Welcome to’s Community Re-read!

While we impatiently wait for The Hunger Games to be released, we continue with our highly-popular, Community Re-Read!

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, I’ll post a breakdown for each chapter in the book, counting down the days until the official release of the film on March, 23rd. Let’s get started, dig out your copy of The Hunger Games, read the chapters together with us, and discuss anything you may find of interest that you might have missed the first time around.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Today’s re-read will be led by our intern, Mayra

Chapter 12

Pg. 162 Obviously, the noble boy on the rooftop was playing just one more game with me. But this will be his last. I will eagerly watch the night skies for signs of his death, if I don’t kill him first myself.
*Any sort of trust Katniss had in Peeta is certainly gone after she finds out he’s with the Careers. Now she doesn’t trust him and even wants him dead as soon as possible. She’s even willing to kill him if it has to come down to that.

Pg. 165 Certainly Peeta has thrown a wrench into our star-crossed lover dynamic. Or has he? Maybe, since he hasn’t spoken much about me, we can still get some mileage out of it. Maybe people will think it’s something we plotted together if I seem like it amuses me now.
*Though Katniss is angry that Peeta has joined the Careers she certainly won’t let it affect her odds. Instead, she tries to work it to her advantage in order to get more sponsors or increase her odds.

Pg. 169 Maybe he’s sending you a message, it says. A message. Saying what? Then I know. There’s only one good reason Haymitch could be withholding water from me. Because he knows I’ve almost found it.
*It is obvious that Haymitch and Katniss are very similar. Katniss can figure out what he wants her to do if she just stops for a minute to think. Their way of thinking is parallel, which gives Katniss an advantage in the Games.

Pg. 171 A few hours later, the stampede of feet shakes me from slumber. I look around in bewilderment. It’s not yet dawn, but my stinging eyes can see it.
It would be hard to miss the wall of fire descending on me.
*The wall of fire was designed to get the tributes together in order to make things more entertaining for the Capitol.

Overall Review: In this chapter Katniss finally spends her first day in the arena. After everything that happened (like the bloodbath, running non-stop and finding out that Peeta was with the Careers) she’s finally realizing that she really is all alone. She has no one to lean on in this fight for her life. Not that she wants an alliance anyway because she doesn’t want it to come down between herself and someone she cares about. Also, in this chapter one of the Gamemaker’s tricks was shown: the wall of fire.
When I first read this chapter, I’m not going to lie, I could mainly think about Peeta and the reasons that drove him to an alliance with the Careers. The Careers aren’t exactly respected anywhere else other than their own Districts and yet Peeta decided to join them. I kept thinking it was a survival technique. Also, I was amaze by the way that Katniss can figure out why Haymitch wouldn’t get her water. If I were in her shoes I would’ve probably just thought he was drunk. However, she understood it was because he knew she was near water.
What did you think were Peeta’s reasons to join the Careers? What did you think of the wall of fire? Do you think it’s a fair way to get all the tributes together in order to see another bloodbath? And what did you think of Katniss’ survival skills? She’s definitely learned a lot from years of hunting!

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  • Koraora

    “I just can’t afford to think like that.”~ Katniss Everdeen
    She says that it the movie but is it used in the book? I read the Hunger Games the week it came out! Can someone help me out?

    • Bookslover

      No, I don’t think she says that.

    • Nikki

       No she doesn’t say the exact line in the book

  • Koraora

    someone better answer my comment! oh, please do!

  • Bookslover

    I too was beginning to think like Katniss. I was like, “WTF Peeta? What is wrong with you?!” But then I remembered how he honestly believed he wasn’t going home. Even his own mother believed Katniss had a better chance than he did. So then I viewed his decision as survival. He only wanted to make it as long as possible. And he also wanted to protect Katniss so…

    Oh and I love how Katniss can figure out what Haymitch wants her to do! It shows just how similar they are even though they can’t stand each other haha 

    • Tash

      Agreed – but there was always something about Peeta joining up with the careers that didn’t seem right, like I knew it was a ruse from the beginning. I was definitely shocked but I knew that there would be a reasoning behind it. Plus I think I just didn’t want to believe that the boy with the bread could have those kind of motivations. It’s amazing how quickly though Katniss decides that its a good thing and will make him easier to kill – she’s only in the games for a day and already she is plotting deaths. I guess its here that we really see evidence of her own strong will to survive.

      Katniss’ relationship with Haymitch is so interesting, they infuriate each other but like you said they are so alike! She really is very clever to have put two and two together about the water, again as mentioned these are her smarts and survival skills coming to the fore.

      And oh the fire! Just when you think Katniss has found a moment of peace, she can grab some water and food and rest, the game makers get involved! I read the next chapter totally on edge wondering how she could possibly escape the fire when she was still so tired.

      • Bookslover

        Oh my gosh I know! The wall of fire was just….so adrenaline rushed and I just wanted to know what would happen! It sucks that just when she thought she was safe for at least some time BOOM! They send fire! 

        And about Katniss, the fact that she immediately plotting Peeta’s death really showed her strong will. Though I was a little upset with her cuz she didn’t even considered other possibilities. She never considered he did it because he was scared or because the Careers cornored him and he made a deal to safe his life. No. She just assume he had been a fake before. BUT I guess I would’ve done the same in her situation…

        • Tash

           That’s a great point about Katniss – she has a tendency to kind of assume the worst in people, I guess to protect herself and those she loves? More often than not she is a good judge of character, but she is unfair to Peeta in this way on more than one occasion.

          But… love makes us do funny things :) Heheh, although I wish she realised it properly a lot sooner than she did!

  • atchi

    though at times I thought that Haymitch is unfair to Peeta, I think he just wants to keep both of them alive by favoring the odds. 

  • Team Katniss

    yeah me too!!! i man you kinda think well “wtf peeta, you just joined the careers and they want to kill me (katniss)!!!” but then you realize how they still had that whole love act to fill so then you think, ‘he could be protecting her’ which is true…

    and katniss and haymitch kinda have telepathy since she sorta has that way kr connection to haymitch,,, *SPOILER IF YOU HAVENT READ THE BOOKS* and in mockingjay when they decide about continuing with the hunger games, and haymitch says hes mith the mockingjay (aka katniss) you realize how truly similar they are…

    also it kinda shows how haymitch favors katniss more over peeta,,, poor peeta!!!

    and when katniss has her first day in the arena, she is already plotting deaths!!! this shows how she isnt really focused on home but how she wants to get back and even killing peeta would be worth it for her,,, but in the end of the whole series we know that she just couldnt

  • Nikki

    This Chapter Shows us Katniss’ ability to survive. I was shocked with the realization of Peeta being with the careers, but previous chapters made me think that Haymitch must have been behind it in some way.

    I also love that she figures out that haymitch’s lack of gifts has a meaning behind it!

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